Thousands Of Bricks

Some weeks ago, Brick Fest 2015 came to Montreal.  Essentially, Brick Fest is an exhibit for anyone who loves Lego.

I took my daughter to Brick Fest, since she loves Lego and is very innovative in building her own Lego creations.


It was not a very large exhibit, but i do think that it satisfied even the most particular Lego enthusiasts.  There was something for everyone, ranging from Duplo creations, to Lego Technics.

X1000205 X1000207

I really liked this Lego creation, a reproduction of Habitat ’67.  It was very well done.

X1000209 X1000210 X1000211 X1000212

The old space Lego that was on display brought me back to my childhood years.  Why did the helmets of the spacemen always break at the chin?

X1000213 X1000215 X1000216

This guy was roaming about on the floor.  Perhaps he was verifying if people were real Lego lovers or not.

X1000218 X1000219 X1000220 X1000221

Here is another Lego creation that i loved.  Anyone who lives in Montreal should recognize this building with ease.

X1000222 X1000223 X1000224 X1000225 X1000226

This Lego creation is probably my favorite.  The creativity that went into this is something else.  As far as i know, there is no Lego kit for this; therefore, the builder thought all of this out by themselves.  Quite amazing.

X1000227 X1000228 X1000229 X1000230

I need this R2D2 to bring me cold drinks from the fridge!

X1000231 X1000235 X1000237 X1000238

Nope, no WordPress or Instagram icons here.

X1000239 X1000242

It was really a great day and i was very impressed by all the different Lego creations that people built.  If you like Lego, i advise you attend this exhibit the next time it’s in town.


Thanks for looking.

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