A Little Getaway

I have been on long vacations (a month) and short vacations that last but a few days.  Personally, i would rather take a bunch of short vacations then just one, long one.  Though, i am looking forward to spending a nice, long month in the Philippines again.

After Canada Day, we went down to Burlington, Vermont to have a few days to relax and made the weekend extra long.


The great thing about Burlington, is that it sits right on the shore of Lake Champlain.  Burlington also has a nice walking trail along the front of the shoreline, with various spots where you can look out onto the lake.

X1000357 X1000359

While there, we ate a pretty neat restaurant, called “Splash”.  Now, the food is okay, so don’t expect gourmet dishes.  It’s a simple fish & chips, hamburgers & fries kind of place.


But, what is really neat about the restaurant, is the fact that it is not only on the water front, it’s actually out on the water!  Not only that, but you can sail your boat right up to the restaurant’s dock, get off and have a meal.  Pretty cool.

X1000363 X1000364 X1000365

Sitting out on the deck or “dock”, you have a really great view of Lake Champlain and all the boats that are out sailing.

X1000366 X1000367 X1000368 X1000369

Walking back from the restaurant, we spotted this dinosaur made out of plastic bottles.

X1000371 X1000372 X1000374

Here is a view looking up the trail that runs along the shore front.  It’s elevated from the shore, so you are actually looking down at the lake when you are on the trail.


On our way back home, we stopped of in a nice park in a small town not far from Essex Junction.

This seagull was very brave and had his eye on our lunch.

X1000378 X1000379

I spotted this hole that a woodpecker had made in one of the trees in the park.  I could not believe the size of the hole.  Seeing that there was still sap dripping, he must have just finished making this hole.


I love the Champlain Valley.

Thanks for looking.

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