No Internet At Home

Technology is great, when it works.

Home internet service has been around for a while now; therefore, i can’t comprehend how a gigantic telecommunications company (just think of what rings at church weddings) are unable to provide me with a stable, DSL internet connection.  You would really think that it was as simple and rudimentary as posting a letter.  Obviously not.

This past Saturday morning, i had no internet at all.  Seeing that this issue has been ongoing for quite a few months now, i was not very pleasant to the tech support guy when i called my ISP.

After about 30 minutes on the phone with him, he promised me that i would not experience any more outages.  Well, i guess he goes home when i eat dinner, because my internet was once again unavailable as the evening came on.

The next day, Sunday, was worse.

I rebooted my modem so many times, i lost count.  It’s a good thing that age has calmed me down, because i was really wanting to take a hammer to the bloody thing.

Anyway, i called tech support again and was finally directed to level 2 support.

Level 2 support came in the form of a very nice young lady, who was all the way in the Philippines.  After a combined 2 hours on the phone with her, going through all the trouble shooting steps that we could, she apologized for not being able to restore my internet service and told me that she will be sending a new modem to me.  Great.

Moving forward to today, we apparently have internet service at home.  I don’t know how long it will last, but at least it is up…  for now.

I was wanting to post some of the photos i took while in Burlington, VT; but not having internet access most of Saturday and all day Sunday, i actually had to find other things to do.

I am supposed to get a new modem (apparently, it is their latest & greatest one, bla bla bla) tomorrow.  I am crossing my fingers that this new modem solves the problem or else i may have to resort to claw hammer resolutions.

Stay tuned…

Thanks for looking.

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2 thoughts on “No Internet At Home

    1. Hope you doing well. Thanks for the comment. At least you can stay connected. Cellular data is so expensive here. I have new modem now, so i have internet again.


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