Last Wednesday while at Parc Jean Drapeau, i was able to put both the 27mm and the 18-135mm through their paces.

The 18-135 is a very versatile lens, with a focal range that covers the most popular focal lengths for general photography.

However, the 18-135 is a heavy piece of glass at 490g.  With it attached to the X-pro1 (450g), plus the grip (136g), you are looking at a total weight of 2.37lbs.  Though, that is still lighter compared to a D7100 with a 18-140mm at 2.57lbs.

AJMP5113 AJMP5115

I really do like the lens because of the fact that i am ready for pretty much anything photo wise.  If you do decide to purchase the 18-135, i would advise buying a grip for your camera.  It will come in handy and make for more comfortable shooting.

AJMP5116 AJMP5117 AJMP5119 AJMP5121 AJMP5122

The lens does very well when doing close-up photography.  There is still good separation of background, despite that the maximum aperture at the long end is f/5.6 (of course, this does depend on how far back the background is from the main subject).

AJMP5125 AJMP5127 AJMP5130

It’s really nice to have the wide angle capability of the lens.  At 18mm, you have a field of view of 76.5 degrees and are able to fill your frame up with a big chunk of the scene in front of you.

AJMP5132 AJMP5134 AJMP5135

From using the 18-135 for a day, i can honestly say that it will be the lens mounted on my X-Pro1 the most.  It is just so versatile.

AJMP5137 AJMP5139

Of course, if i wanted a much lighter kit, i could always mount my 27mm or use my X100T or X10.  But, if i were to go on vacation for any extended period of time and had a choice of one camera & lens, it would be the X-Pro1 with the 18-135.

AJMP5141 AJMP5143

In a future post, i will give my first impressions of the lens, just as i did with the XF 27mm.


Thanks for looking.

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