First Photos From The 18-135mm.

A few weekends ago, we went down to the old port to have a look at the science fair they had going on.  The fair was held by various schools and government agencies, in order to promote the learning of science by kids.

As mom and daughter went around to the various tents at the outdoor science fair, i went off to go and test the XF 18-135 on my X-Pro1.

AJMP5005 AJMP5007

I had actually traded in my lenses this same day.  Aside from the 35mm, i also traded in my 60mm for the 18-135mm.

In getting the 18-135, i simply wanted a walk around lens where i would be prepared for anything if i did not have one particular subject in mind.  The 18-135 will also be a great lens for going on vacation with, instead of bringing multiple lenses to cover the same focal range.

AJMP5008 AJMP5009

I had to get used to using a zoom again as an “everyday” lens.  I have been so so used to using only the 35mm for so long, it was somewhat strange to have a big hunk of glass on my camera.


Despite it’s size, it is far more versatile then the 35mm or the 60mm.  The focal range of 18-135 pretty much covers the normal focal lengths that most people will use on a daily basis.

AJMP5012 AJMP5018 AJMP5020

Along with the X100T, the X-Pro1 with the 18-135, will make a killer combination.  The X100T will be the camera i will go to for when i don’t want to stand out, when i want to shoot in silence, when i want the razor sharpness of a prime lens and when i want to go extra light.

AJMP5024 AJMP5025

So far, it has been a joy to use and shoot with.  I really do miss using zooms.  Obviously, with zoom lenses like the 18-135, there will be some compromises made, especially in respect to sharpness.  However, you will have to pixel peep to see any noticeable difference between this lens and some of Fuji’s prime lenses.


Unfortunately, Canon and Nikon gave the “all-in-one” lens, such as the 18-135, a bad name.  Their attempts at making a really good lens with this focal range somewhat failed in my opinion.  This is the reason why so many people are hesitant in buying this lens.

Well, the Fuji 18-135 has broken the trend of “all-in-one” lenses being mediocre.  From this shooting experience and from shooting with the lens again this past weekend, i can tell you that Fuji has set the bar very high when it comes to this type of lens.

AJMP5027 AJMP5028 AJMP5029

In a later post, i am going to write about my first impressions of the XF 18-135mm, just as i did for the XF 27mm.

AJMP5031 AJMP5033

One thing that i must warn you about, is the weight of the lens.  It is a heavy piece of glass and when mounting it on any X camera, you are going to want to use a grip.  You can certainly shoot with the lens without using a grip, but i find it far more comfortable on my X-Pro1 when i use the grip.

AJMP5034 AJMP5035 AJMP5036

If you are looking for a versatile lens for your photo walks or to take with you on vacation, the XF 18-135mm is the lens for you.  Combined with an X-T1, you will have a weather-proof kit that you can use in all the elements.

AJMP5037 AJMP5038 AJMP5039 AJMP5041

Thanks for looking.

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