I Was Mentioned On FujiRumors.Com

Okay, so no, i was not personally mentioned on FujiRumors.com by name, but my website was, so close enough.

Personally, i like FujiRumors.com.  I always find the articles posted there to be interesting and good reads.  I actually go to FujiRumors.com every day to see what is new.

Today, i was checking out my statistics to see what sites were referring people to my site and i saw FujiRumors.com was one of the referrers.  That made my day for sure.

Out of all the websites about Fuji cameras on the internet, it feels good that someone picked yours to refer people to.

Here is the link to the page on FujiRumors.com where my website is mentioned, not once, but twice: (http://www.fujirumors.com/mixed-zone-fuji-x-t1-vs-sony-a7r-a7s-10-days-with-the-90mm-riflessifotografici-x100t-review-more/)

You have to scroll all the way down and you will find the mentions just above the YouTube video with Billy from FujiGuys.  Here is a screen grab for you:


Thanks FujiRumors.com!  It’s a pleasure to be mentioned on your website.

Thanks for looking.

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