Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to all the Fathers around the world, especially mine.  Thanks for being there.

I can’t believe that we are already past mid-June.  However, we just started summer and we have some great months ahead of us.  More festivals are to come, which means more photo opportunities.

I think most Dads like cars to some degree; therefore, for today, i am going to continue with the photos i took when we went up to Little Italy on Grand Prix weekend.

X1000085 X1000087

Don’t worry, the Ferrari was not harmed during the procedure to make it pink.

X1000096 X1000097 X1000099

It was a very sunny day when i took these photos.  There was not one cloud in the sky.  It did make for some tough shots when the sun was shining off some chrome; but on the other hand, it really brought out the shine in the paint jobs.

X1000100 X1000101 X1000102 X1000104 X1000106 X1000107

There were some pretty cool bikes on display as well.

X1000113 X1000114 X1000116

Not only did one guy have the 1:1, life size real car, but he had every other scale of the car as well.

X1000117 X1000121 X1000122 X1000130 X1000132 X1000136

I have mixed feelings about the paint job on this Audi TT.  But, that’s just me.

X1000139 X1000141 X1000145 X1000146

“Am i a Fiat or a Ferrari…. Fiat or Ferrari…. help!!”.  Identity crisis.


Thanks for looking.

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