Behind The Scenes Of The Montreal Grand Prix, Mid ’90’s.

For some time now, i have wanted to share the following photos.  I have been keeping them in a photo album (yeah, remember those?  They still exist) for many years and just decided to scan them last night.

The photos are a glimpse of the activity that takes place in the garages of the F1 teams.  The photos were taken in the mid ’90’s (sorry, i don’t remember the exact year, but Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve were teammates on Williams) and to be honest, it was unbelievably easy to get inside the garages.  I don’t think i would be able to pull off the same stunt these days.

Scan0001 Scan0002

If memory serves me correctly, i used a Konica 35mm, automatic, compact camera to take these photos.  It was nothing fancy, but it served it’s purpose.

The scans did not come out all that well.  You can see lines on the files and i think that is from putting the photos through the auto feeder of my scanner.

Scan0003 Scan0004

It was really cool to be able to get behind the scenes.  I was able to walk around quite freely and no one took a second look at me.  I simply stayed out of peoples way and concentrated on taking the photos.


Check out the computers in the below photo.  I suppose it was the best there was back then.  Twenty plus years on, we have certainly seen a giant leap in technology.

Scan0006 Scan0007

It was great fun to be able to get inside the garages.  To be up that close to the cars was something else.  I know they have an open-house these days, but i took these photos right after the main race on Sunday.

Scan0008 Scan0009

Thanks for looking.

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