Two Piece Case For The Fuji X100T

A few weeks ago, i wrote a post about the “leather” case for the X100T.  Well, i put my order in on Amazon this past Sunday night and i received the case yesterday.

Here is my little review:

As i had mentioned before, the case that i ordered is from MegaWest/MegaGear.  If you are wanting a product description to search online with, here you go.


I tried to search with the product code that is showing on the label, but nothing comes up.  To make it easy for you, here is the link to the case on Amazon: (

Unlike the case that i ordered for my X10 from the same company, this case did not come with a black, velvet bag.

Aside from the case itself, you get a neck strap and a lens cloth.


Once again, this case is not made from real leather.  If you want a real leather case, you are going to have to order the Fuji branded case.


As with my last case from the same company, i am quite impressed by the quality of the product.  It is very well put together, the stitching is nice and the materials are good.

As with real leather, the case is a bit stiff at first.  Though, as you use it, it does become more supple.

As far as i can see, there are no imperfections on the case and everything has been put together very nicely.

WP_20150617_07_20_16_Pro WP_20150617_07_20_35_Pro


Since this is not a genuine Fuji product, you will have to expect that it is not going to fit as good as the Fuji branded case.

With the case for my X10, the only fit problem i had, was with the loops that go over the camera lugs and attach to the side of the case with snap buttons.  Well, i have the same problem with this case and one side is more severe then the other.

I am still able to close the loops with the snap buttons, but it does become a bit of a tight fit.

One other little fit problem, is with the cut-out for the AF switch.  You can still access the switch and move it, but the cut-out seems to be placed a little to forward; therefore, you can not see the writing on the AF switch.

I am thinking that since there is no mention of this case being for the T model of the X100, that is why there may be some slight fit issues with it.  Though, i am not so sure the AF switch is that much different on the S or the original X100.



If you don’t want to spend $140 on the Fuji branded case or if you’re an animal rights activist who is anti-leather, then this case is a good alternative for you.

Aside from the fit issues with the loops and the cut-out for the AF switch being slightly to forward, this case will be $30 well spent if all you want is a stylish case to protect your camera when thrown into your day bag.

Thanks for looking.

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