Changing Gears

Well, it has been quite a bit of work to process all the photos that i have taken over the last month.  I am nearly finished with the photos from the Grand Prix weekend, but i have more to process from another event i attended a few weeks ago.

With that being said, it’s time for a bit of a break.  It’s time to change gears.

I have so many topics that i want to write about, that i have to write them down so that i don’t forget them.

In the posts that will follow, you will see that they are not going to be as photo intensive as my last ones.  There are going to be some “first impression” posts – which can be taken as “reviews” – and some posts with my personal thoughts on specific matters regarding photography.

I am hoping to get some of these posts done perhaps before the weekend.  My goal is to complete at least one.

In the meantime, enjoy some flowers.

Shot with the XF27mm F/2.8
Shot with the XF27mm F/2.8. Very nice separation of the background.

Thanks for looking.

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