The Grand Prix has come and gone in Montreal and the summer is well on it’s way to starting.  Before you know it, we will be in July.

I am not the biggest fan of F1 and really stopped following it after the days of Williams Renault and Damon Hill.  However, i still do love the cars, the technology behind them and all the festivities that pop up on Grand Prix weekend.

One of the festivities that we have taken a liking to, is the car show that takes place in Little Italy.  If you want to get up close to some pretty cool cars, Little Italy is the place to be on Grand Prix weekend.

X1000105 X1000108

Aside from admiring the beautiful lines and the polished paint jobs of the cars, i love to check out the engines of these souped up cars.  It makes me wonder how much these guys sink into their cars to get them to the point they are.

I also wonder what their Wife’s think? or if they still have wife’s??

X1000118 X1000119 X1000123 X1000128 X1000135 X1000137 X1000142 X1000173 X1000174 X1000175 X1000187 X1000192Thanks for looking.

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