Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

Many years ago, i remember visiting the old war museum in Ottawa before it moved to it’s more modern building of today.

They have done a great job on the new building, but it seems like they are already running out of room for their collection.


It was a nice afternoon of strolling around and taking our time to look at the exhibits.  My daughter also enjoyed it and took more interest in the exhibits then she did some years ago when we first took her.

For kids, it is a good way for them to learn about specific periods of our history and i believe that every kid should learn about what the men & women of past generations sacrificed for us to have what we have today.

However, for me, i have somewhat had my fill of military history and visiting the museum once again, only reminded me of the futility, horror and inhumanity of war.  I was only able to have a deep feeling of sorrow when i saw kids with big smiles, posing in front of a tank or piece of artillery.

I no longer have the same interest in it all as i once did.

Anyhow, i took quite a few photos; therefore, i am going to make two posts to show what the collection inside the museum looks like.

AJMP5816 AJMP5817 AJMP5818 AJMP5820 AJMP5826 AJMP5828 AJMP5832 AJMP5834 AJMP5838 AJMP5840 AJMP5848 AJMP5851 AJMP5852 AJMP5854

AJMP5855 AJMP5859 AJMP5860 AJMP5862 AJMP5865 AJMP5867 AJMP5868 AJMP5869 AJMP5870 AJMP5872 AJMP5873

Part two with the remaining photos will follow at a later date.

Thanks for looking.

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