Leather Case For Fuji X100T


Since owning Fuji X cameras, i have come to the conclusion that you don’t need a camera bag per se.  This is even more true for the fixed lens cameras, like the X10 and the X100T.  All you need is a good case.

Finding a good case for Fuji X cameras is not really hard and once you have found one, you can then throw your camera into whatever bag you are carrying and off you go.

If i am going to go out with my X100T or X10, the only other “bits” that i take along with me, is a spare battery, spare SD card and the lens hood when i am using the X10.  The spare battery, SD card and lens hood fit very easily into my jacket pocket or in the side pockets of my cargo shorts/pants.

I can do the same with my X-Pro1.  I put the camera in it’s case and i bring along a spare battery and SD card.  If i am going to bring along an extra lens, i do bring my camera bag.

Leather case for the X100T:

As i had mentioned above, there really is no need for a camera bag when you are using the fixed lens cameras from Fuji, such as the X10 or X100T.  You can simply put them in a case and carry a few accessories in your pocket.

If you already carry a bag on a daily basis, even better.  You can just dump the camera in your bag and the camera case will serve to protect your camera from whatever else you have in your bag.

As with most other Fuji accessories, if not with all of them, there is a third party option.  This is the case (pardon the pun) in regards to the leather case for the X100T.  You have a choice between a Fuji branded case or a case from a number of other manufactures.

For the purpose of this article, i am gong to concentrate on the Fuji branded case and a case from Mega West.



Who is Mega West you may ask?  Well, i don’t know much about them either.  But, i do know that they make decent cases for Fuji cameras.  I have one of their cases for my X10.

For the X100, they have made this case (http://www.amazon.ca/MegaGear-Protective-Leather-Fujifilm-Digital/dp/B00D0O9QC6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1433710674&sr=8-1&keywords=leather+case+for+x100).

Now, as you may conclude from the price of the case, it is not real leather.  However, having owned their case for the X10 since September 2013, i can say that the material they do use, is quite durable.

They use something called PU leather and it does feel and look like real leather.  Though, putting it next to my real leather case for my X-Pro1, you can clearly see which one is fake leather.

What about the real leather case?:

By all means you can spend the money on the real leather case for the X100T, but it is not going to protect your camera any better then the case from Mega West that i mentioned above.

Don’t get me wrong, i love leather and it wears so well over time.  But, i have found that the Mega West case that i bought for my X10 nearly two years ago has performed so well, that i don’t really see any justification to spend $140 on real leather case.

Sometimes you just have to be practical.

For my X-Pro1, i do have the Fuji branded leather case.  However, at the time it was purchased, it was only $50 brand new.

It’s a beautiful case and the leather is very smooth and the stitching is extremely well done.  I can only imagine that this quality craftsmanship would carry over to all of Fuji’s cases.

Therefore, if you really want the leather case, go for it and splurge a bit.  I am sure you will not regret it.

But, if you are wanting to be practical, purchase the Mega West case.  They make good products and the case will protect your camera just as well as the leather one would.  Furthermore, i have had mine (for my X10) for nearly 2 years and it has held up very well with no signs of wear at all.

I hope that this has helped you in making your decision about a case for your X100.

Thanks for looking.

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