On St. Jean’s day last Wednesday, we went to Parc Jean Drapeau to have a picnic.  While i was there, i decided to take some greyscale photo’s of the sculpture known as, “L’Homme”. AJMP5098

These photos were taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 27mm f/2.8.

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Beautiful Lines

At long last, here is the last lot of photos from the Grand Prix weekend festival in Little Italy.

There is just something about classic cars that today’s cars don’t have.  When i look at these classic cars, they have such beautiful lines.  I don’t see that in today’s cars.

I hope that you enjoy this final installment of photos from the Grand Prix weekend.  It was great fun taking these photos and i was able to try out a few different techniques in taking the photos, as well as post processing them.

X1000148 X1000150 X1000152 X1000153 X1000155 X1000156 X1000159 X1000164 X1000169 X1000170 X1000178 X1000179 X1000180 X1000182 X1000183 X1000184 X1000185 X1000186 X1000188 X1000190 X1000193

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First Photos From The 18-135mm.

A few weekends ago, we went down to the old port to have a look at the science fair they had going on.  The fair was held by various schools and government agencies, in order to promote the learning of science by kids.

As mom and daughter went around to the various tents at the outdoor science fair, i went off to go and test the XF 18-135 on my X-Pro1.

AJMP5005 AJMP5007

I had actually traded in my lenses this same day.  Aside from the 35mm, i also traded in my 60mm for the 18-135mm.

In getting the 18-135, i simply wanted a walk around lens where i would be prepared for anything if i did not have one particular subject in mind.  The 18-135 will also be a great lens for going on vacation with, instead of bringing multiple lenses to cover the same focal range.

AJMP5008 AJMP5009

I had to get used to using a zoom again as an “everyday” lens.  I have been so so used to using only the 35mm for so long, it was somewhat strange to have a big hunk of glass on my camera.


Despite it’s size, it is far more versatile then the 35mm or the 60mm.  The focal range of 18-135 pretty much covers the normal focal lengths that most people will use on a daily basis.

AJMP5012 AJMP5018 AJMP5020

Along with the X100T, the X-Pro1 with the 18-135, will make a killer combination.  The X100T will be the camera i will go to for when i don’t want to stand out, when i want to shoot in silence, when i want the razor sharpness of a prime lens and when i want to go extra light.

AJMP5024 AJMP5025

So far, it has been a joy to use and shoot with.  I really do miss using zooms.  Obviously, with zoom lenses like the 18-135, there will be some compromises made, especially in respect to sharpness.  However, you will have to pixel peep to see any noticeable difference between this lens and some of Fuji’s prime lenses.


Unfortunately, Canon and Nikon gave the “all-in-one” lens, such as the 18-135, a bad name.  Their attempts at making a really good lens with this focal range somewhat failed in my opinion.  This is the reason why so many people are hesitant in buying this lens.

Well, the Fuji 18-135 has broken the trend of “all-in-one” lenses being mediocre.  From this shooting experience and from shooting with the lens again this past weekend, i can tell you that Fuji has set the bar very high when it comes to this type of lens.

AJMP5027 AJMP5028 AJMP5029

In a later post, i am going to write about my first impressions of the XF 18-135mm, just as i did for the XF 27mm.

AJMP5031 AJMP5033

One thing that i must warn you about, is the weight of the lens.  It is a heavy piece of glass and when mounting it on any X camera, you are going to want to use a grip.  You can certainly shoot with the lens without using a grip, but i find it far more comfortable on my X-Pro1 when i use the grip.

AJMP5034 AJMP5035 AJMP5036

If you are looking for a versatile lens for your photo walks or to take with you on vacation, the XF 18-135mm is the lens for you.  Combined with an X-T1, you will have a weather-proof kit that you can use in all the elements.

AJMP5037 AJMP5038 AJMP5039 AJMP5041

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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to all the Fathers around the world, especially mine.  Thanks for being there.

I can’t believe that we are already past mid-June.  However, we just started summer and we have some great months ahead of us.  More festivals are to come, which means more photo opportunities.

I think most Dads like cars to some degree; therefore, for today, i am going to continue with the photos i took when we went up to Little Italy on Grand Prix weekend.

X1000085 X1000087

Don’t worry, the Ferrari was not harmed during the procedure to make it pink.

X1000096 X1000097 X1000099

It was a very sunny day when i took these photos.  There was not one cloud in the sky.  It did make for some tough shots when the sun was shining off some chrome; but on the other hand, it really brought out the shine in the paint jobs.

X1000100 X1000101 X1000102 X1000104 X1000106 X1000107

There were some pretty cool bikes on display as well.

X1000113 X1000114 X1000116

Not only did one guy have the 1:1, life size real car, but he had every other scale of the car as well.

X1000117 X1000121 X1000122 X1000130 X1000132 X1000136

I have mixed feelings about the paint job on this Audi TT.  But, that’s just me.

X1000139 X1000141 X1000145 X1000146

“Am i a Fiat or a Ferrari…. Fiat or Ferrari…. help!!”.  Identity crisis.


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Behind The Scenes Of The Montreal Grand Prix, Mid ’90’s.

For some time now, i have wanted to share the following photos.  I have been keeping them in a photo album (yeah, remember those?  They still exist) for many years and just decided to scan them last night.

The photos are a glimpse of the activity that takes place in the garages of the F1 teams.  The photos were taken in the mid ’90’s (sorry, i don’t remember the exact year, but Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve were teammates on Williams) and to be honest, it was unbelievably easy to get inside the garages.  I don’t think i would be able to pull off the same stunt these days.

Scan0001 Scan0002

If memory serves me correctly, i used a Konica 35mm, automatic, compact camera to take these photos.  It was nothing fancy, but it served it’s purpose.

The scans did not come out all that well.  You can see lines on the files and i think that is from putting the photos through the auto feeder of my scanner.

Scan0003 Scan0004

It was really cool to be able to get behind the scenes.  I was able to walk around quite freely and no one took a second look at me.  I simply stayed out of peoples way and concentrated on taking the photos.


Check out the computers in the below photo.  I suppose it was the best there was back then.  Twenty plus years on, we have certainly seen a giant leap in technology.

Scan0006 Scan0007

It was great fun to be able to get inside the garages.  To be up that close to the cars was something else.  I know they have an open-house these days, but i took these photos right after the main race on Sunday.

Scan0008 Scan0009

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Changing Gears

Well, it has been quite a bit of work to process all the photos that i have taken over the last month.  I am nearly finished with the photos from the Grand Prix weekend, but i have more to process from another event i attended a few weeks ago.

With that being said, it’s time for a bit of a break.  It’s time to change gears.

I have so many topics that i want to write about, that i have to write them down so that i don’t forget them.

In the posts that will follow, you will see that they are not going to be as photo intensive as my last ones.  There are going to be some “first impression” posts – which can be taken as “reviews” – and some posts with my personal thoughts on specific matters regarding photography.

I am hoping to get some of these posts done perhaps before the weekend.  My goal is to complete at least one.

In the meantime, enjoy some flowers.

Shot with the XF27mm F/2.8
Shot with the XF27mm F/2.8. Very nice separation of the background.

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The Grand Prix has come and gone in Montreal and the summer is well on it’s way to starting.  Before you know it, we will be in July.

I am not the biggest fan of F1 and really stopped following it after the days of Williams Renault and Damon Hill.  However, i still do love the cars, the technology behind them and all the festivities that pop up on Grand Prix weekend.

One of the festivities that we have taken a liking to, is the car show that takes place in Little Italy.  If you want to get up close to some pretty cool cars, Little Italy is the place to be on Grand Prix weekend.

X1000105 X1000108

Aside from admiring the beautiful lines and the polished paint jobs of the cars, i love to check out the engines of these souped up cars.  It makes me wonder how much these guys sink into their cars to get them to the point they are.

I also wonder what their Wife’s think? or if they still have wife’s??

X1000118 X1000119 X1000123 X1000128 X1000135 X1000137 X1000142 X1000173 X1000174 X1000175 X1000187 X1000192Thanks for looking.

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Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

Many years ago, i remember visiting the old war museum in Ottawa before it moved to it’s more modern building of today.

They have done a great job on the new building, but it seems like they are already running out of room for their collection.


It was a nice afternoon of strolling around and taking our time to look at the exhibits.  My daughter also enjoyed it and took more interest in the exhibits then she did some years ago when we first took her.

For kids, it is a good way for them to learn about specific periods of our history and i believe that every kid should learn about what the men & women of past generations sacrificed for us to have what we have today.

However, for me, i have somewhat had my fill of military history and visiting the museum once again, only reminded me of the futility, horror and inhumanity of war.  I was only able to have a deep feeling of sorrow when i saw kids with big smiles, posing in front of a tank or piece of artillery.

I no longer have the same interest in it all as i once did.

Anyhow, i took quite a few photos; therefore, i am going to make two posts to show what the collection inside the museum looks like.

AJMP5816 AJMP5817 AJMP5818 AJMP5820 AJMP5826 AJMP5828 AJMP5832 AJMP5834 AJMP5838 AJMP5840 AJMP5848 AJMP5851 AJMP5852 AJMP5854

AJMP5855 AJMP5859 AJMP5860 AJMP5862 AJMP5865 AJMP5867 AJMP5868 AJMP5869 AJMP5870 AJMP5872 AJMP5873

Part two with the remaining photos will follow at a later date.

Thanks for looking.

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