The Case Of The Triangular Split “Rings”

It seems like when you purchase a camera these days, the manufacturer gives you triangular split “rings” in order to attach the neck strap to your new camera.

There is a problem with this though.

Not long after i purchased my X-Pro1, i started to read about the camera lugs on some Fuji cameras being worn out by these triangular split “rings”.  The reason why the lugs were getting worn out, was because of the split “rings” shape.

The split “rings” in question are triangles and when put on the camera lug, the lug sits right in the “crook” of the triangle – the “crook” being the same as the crook of your arm when you bend your arm to 90 degrees.

Therefore, the lug would sit in the “crook” and when the camera would swing or move, the lug was rubbing against the split “ring”, but the split “ring” was not moving because of it’s shape.  This would eventually result in the camera lug getting worn down to the point of almost having the split “ring” come out from the lug.

Trust me, this is a real issue and i have seen the evidence.  It’s a scary sight, especially considering that the wearing of the lugs can result in your $1500-$2000 camera smashing to the concrete below you.

Since i first read about a number of incidents where camera lugs were wearing out on peoples cameras, Fuji has come up with a remedy.

What Fuji has done to prevent the wearing out of the lugs, is not provide circular split rings, but rather they have inserted a small piece of metal within the lug that acts like a lining between the lug and split ring.  I have noticed this on my X100T.

I am not quite sure what Fuji has against circular split rings, but perhaps it is because they don’t want the ring moving around to much within the lug.

Anyhow, it did not take me long to change out the triangular split “rings” on my X-Pro1, with actual circular split rings.  I have had the circular split rings on my X-Pro1 for a while now and i have had no issues.

I have not changed the ones on my X10 yet because it is a pretty light camera and i am not very worried about the lugs wearing out.  Though, i do check them every once in a while.

However, i do think i will change out the rings on my X100T, even though the lugs feature Fuji’s “fix”.  I like the look of actual split rings anyhow.

If you have not done so already, i would check to see if there is any wear on your cameras lugs.  If you see it starting, change the split “rings” to circular ones.

Thanks for looking.

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