Macro Marbles

Having taken some time off of work today, i had a bit of extra time to think about some small photography projects that i could do.

I wanted to use my macro lens on something and i thought about my daughters marbles.  So, that was my subject today: marbles.

Now, since marbles are spherical objects, it is hard to eliminate all the reflections on the surface of the marble.  I think i am going to have to put together a simple light box one day.


I first tried to take these photos inside.  But no matter what i did, i was always getting the reflection of the window in the marble.

I also started of by using my tripod, but i felt that it was limiting me.  So, i took the camera off the tripod and shot hand-held.  Far more freedom i feel.


Since things were not really working out inside, i brought the marbles outside and set them up on our outdoor table.

Once i was outside, i was getting a very decent shutter speed, so i did not have to worry to much about camera shake.


Trying to get up as close as possible did pose some problems.  First of all, if i got to close, the lens tended to hunt simply because i was to close to lock focus.

The other problem is, because i could not get to close, i had to crop the photos to get the results i wanted.

Both of the above “issues”, makes me want the extension tube so much more.


Now, if you are going to use your kids toys as photographic subjects, be prepared to be asked, “What are you doing with my toys?”.

My daughter did find it kind of cool seeing her marbles up so close though.


Thanks for looking.

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