More From The X100T

As i had mentioned in a previous post, last weekend i started my photo walk in front of Notre Dame.  On my way up to Notre Dame, i came across a couple of photo opportunities.

I thought the below alleyway deserved to be in greyscale.  I got down on my knees to shoot this one and boy, did i get some weird looks.

X1000022 X1000024

Here are a couple of caleches waiting for passengers.  The area was teeming with tourists that day, so i am sure that business was decent for the caleche drivers.

X1000025 X1000029

Believe it or not, trains still do use the tracks down at the old port.  You don’t see the train very often though.  The first time i saw a train use the tracks, was nearly two years ago and it was a long one.  I am guessing it was bringing hops to the Molson brewery.

X1000031 X1000032

I still have to get used to the FOV of the X100T.  I also have to get used to the parallax correction when i am using the OVF.  In all honesty, i don’t think i will be using the EVF all that much.  The OVF is just so bright and beautiful to look through.

X1000033 X1000034

There are all sorts of photo opportunities at the West end of the old port.  It’s very industrial, with bridges, locks and of course, the grain elevators.


The photo below is looking west, down the Lachine Canal.  During the day, you can walk across the top of the locks to get to the other side of the canal.

X1000037 X1000038

In the below photo, you can see some of the “traffic” signs that are used to direct boats under the bridge, either in or out of the locks.

X1000040 X1000041 X1000042

Below is the little park i sat down in before moving on to the grain elevators.  It’s a nice park and i have noticed that even during the peak summer months, it is not very crowded.


Despite it being somewhat chilly when the wind whipped up, it was really nice to be out in the sun and enjoying a relaxing walk.

Thanks for looking.

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