Classic Chrome Film Simulation

The photography world knows Fujifilm for it’s 35mm film and rightly so, since the company was one of the two big players when we all used to use film cameras.

Coming into the digital age, Fujifilm decided to “mimic” their film color palettes and render them into digital formats.  These digital formats were then incorporated into their digital cameras, right up until today.

I am not quite sure how prolific this practice was in their earlier digital cameras, but i can say that different film simulations were available in their S line of DSLR cameras.

Fast forward to today’s X series cameras, film simulations are a big feature in Fuji’s digital cameras now.


Classic Chrome was introduced late last year as part of a firmware update for Fuji’s latest cameras (X-T1, X100T & X30).  Unfortunately, it was not rolled into any firmware updates for earlier cameras.  X-Pro1 owners like me are unable to take advantage of this new film simulation.


With the “older” film simulations, Fuji was copying their own film color palettes.  With Classic Chrome, they seem to be mimicking Kodachrome, a film that was manufactured by their rival Kodak.


Classic Chrome gives very subtle colors and at “factory” settings, can be somewhat dull.  With in-camera settings, you can boost the color a tad in order to give a bit more oomph.


The photos here have only had the blue sky boosted a bit.  Other then that, they are straight out of the camera to show you what Classic Chrome looks & feels like.

I am going to mess about with the color setting in camera to see how a bit more saturation may look.  I’m not going to over do it by any means; after all, the colors are supposed to be subtle/subdued.

X1000049 X1000050

I can definitely see myself using this film simulation more and more, especially for photos taken in a city setting.  It’s certainly not for landscapes.

X1000051 X1000052

I was really eager to shoot some photos with the Classic Chrome film simulation and i am very pleased with the results.  I little tweaking with some in-camera settings should yield a very slight boost in the colors.


Thanks for looking.

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