Christening The X100T

Before going to Ottawa for the day this past Victoria Day weekend, i had only had the X100T for about 20 hours.  Needless to say, i was still getting used to it.  Though, it does have a very similar layout in regards to the dials and menus of the X-Pro1, so it was not a huge learning curve.

The one aspect of the X100T that i really had to get used to, was it’s lens.  At a fixed focal length of 23mm, it is not a focal length that i have shot at all that much with, if at all.


However, i do have an X10 that can give me even wider shots.  Though, i think because of the fact that i am looking at the LCD on my X10, rather then the through the OVF, i feel that it is somewhat “visually” different from the X100T.

When i look through the OVF of the X100T, it feels different “visually” and is far from what i am used to with my X-Pro1, with which i use the 35mm most of the time.


The 23mm lens on the X100T has a 63.4 degrees FOV, whereas the 35mm XF lens that i use the most on my X-Pro1, has a FOV of 44.2 degrees.  That is a big difference.  You can get quite a bit more in the frame with the X100T.

AJMP5789 AJMP5791

With that being said, i really had to be aware of the frame lines in the OVF.  I was forever looking left and right to make sure i had what i wanted in my frame.

AJMP5796 AJMP5804

Therefore, as we walked around downtown Ottawa, i was having a personal crash course in getting used to a new camera.  But, as i said before, the menus and dials are very similar to the X-Pro1, so it was not a very hard exam to pass.


Before setting out for the day, i did go into the the Q menu on the X100T and adjusted the Highlight Tone and Shadow Tone levels.  Basically, i simply copied what i had registered in my X-Pro1.


I also took the chance to play around with the different film simulations on the camera, especially the new Classic Chrome film simulation.  The little guy below was shot in Classic Chrome.


It was a great day out and we stopped in on a restaurant on Sparks St. to have a bite to eat.  From there, we went to the Canadian War Museum, where i put my X100T to the test in low light.


The photos that i took at the Canadian War Museum will be in my next post.

Thanks for looking.

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