WordPress For Windows Phone

I just recently started to use a Windows phone, a Nokia Lumia 830.  It is running Windows Phone 8.1 and is quite different from the Android world i am used to.

As we all know, Android has a great app store.  Windows Phone, not so much.  To give you an idea of how behind the Windows Phone app store is, the Instagram app is a Beta version.

Since the Windows Phone is somewhat behind in regards to apps, i was not totally surprised that there was not a WordPress app to be had, at least one that is similar to the Android app.

As usual, curiosity got the better of me and i started to do a little research.  What i came across in terms of information about the WordPress app, was somewhat disappointing.  Apparently, the app was taken off the store “shelf” and if you do a search for it on your phone, indeed it is not there to be had.

But…..  i did not give up.

I did some more digging and i was able to find the app in the Windows Phone store.  Here is the link:


Keep in mind that this app has not been updated since 2013, but it still does work.

Here is how you get the app:

– Go to the link above and then login to the widows phone store with the same Microsoft account you used to set up your phone.

– Click “install”

– The store will then try to contact your phone to install the app.

–  If the store cannot contact your phone, it will send an email (to the email you used for your Microsoft account) to you.

– Once you get the email on your phone, all you have to do is click on the link within the email that was sent.

– After you click on the link, the app installs on your phone.

As i said at the beginning, i have a Lumia 830 running Windows Phone 8.1 and the app works.  However, don’t expect it to be as sleek as the Android app.  After all, it is 2 years old.

Thanks for looking.

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