Backyard Birds

It was another beautiful day here in Montreal, one that you could not resist by sitting inside all day.

I took my daughter to the park and then once home, took a seat on the balcony to enjoy the warm weather.


We both sat on the balcony, watching the various birds come to visit the backyard.  They used to be easier to photograph; but since my neighbor at the back decided to cut down most of the small trees along the fence, the birds are now stopping on trees further away.


I certainly don’t have the best lens to do bird photography with, even at 230mm.  Unless i am really close to the birds, i always have to crop the photos.

In my opinion, the minimum focal length suitable for good birding photography, is 400mm.


During the afternoon, i was able to catch a few Starlings pecking through the grass.  I was also able to get some closer shots of the Cardinal.


My daughter really likes birds, so it was nice to take these photographs with her and show her the photos afterwards.


Thanks for looking.

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