Two Year Anniversary

About a week ago, i was notified that i had been doing this blogging thing for two years now.  How time flies.

Experimenting with the Macro feature on the X100T.

At first, i was not even sure that i would get past one year.  As many of you may know, it’s not easy to come up with new content every other day, let alone every day.  Therefore, the thought of continuing this blog for more then two years was a tall order in my mind.

I have managed somehow though.  I certainly don’t post every day, but i do have periods where i post perhaps 3, 4, 5 days in a row.

One of the things that i promised myself when i first started this blog, was that it would not become like all the other “photography” blogs out there.  Reviewing equipment is all fine and good, but the internet is saturated with “reviewers”.

Yes, i do have some reviews on my site, but they are no where near as in depth technically as many of the reviews you can find on the interweb.  That is the way i like it, light and simple.

Aside from the content that i post, this blog would not have lasted for two years if it were not for viewers like you.  Thank you to everyone who has followed me, liked my posts, visited my site and who have shared my posts on their own site.

Thanks for looking.

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Dramatic Clouds

Tonight, i spent a bit of time outside on the balcony watching the clouds roll in.  We were supposed to have a thunderstorm, bul.p.t it has not materialized yet.

However, i did notice that there was some pretty impressive cloud formations in the sky.  Seeing these formations, i went inside and grabbed my camera.


These cloud formations as you see them here, were quite impressive.  But, i wanted to make them more dramatic.

I thought about keeping the photos in color, but i thought i would get more of a dramatic feel if i converted the photos into black & white.


Though these cloud formations look menacing, we still have not had a drop of rain or a clap of thunder for that matter.

Thanks for looking.

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Macro Marbles

Having taken some time off of work today, i had a bit of extra time to think about some small photography projects that i could do.

I wanted to use my macro lens on something and i thought about my daughters marbles.  So, that was my subject today: marbles.

Now, since marbles are spherical objects, it is hard to eliminate all the reflections on the surface of the marble.  I think i am going to have to put together a simple light box one day.


I first tried to take these photos inside.  But no matter what i did, i was always getting the reflection of the window in the marble.

I also started of by using my tripod, but i felt that it was limiting me.  So, i took the camera off the tripod and shot hand-held.  Far more freedom i feel.


Since things were not really working out inside, i brought the marbles outside and set them up on our outdoor table.

Once i was outside, i was getting a very decent shutter speed, so i did not have to worry to much about camera shake.


Trying to get up as close as possible did pose some problems.  First of all, if i got to close, the lens tended to hunt simply because i was to close to lock focus.

The other problem is, because i could not get to close, i had to crop the photos to get the results i wanted.

Both of the above “issues”, makes me want the extension tube so much more.


Now, if you are going to use your kids toys as photographic subjects, be prepared to be asked, “What are you doing with my toys?”.

My daughter did find it kind of cool seeing her marbles up so close though.


Thanks for looking.

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The Case Of The Triangular Split “Rings”

It seems like when you purchase a camera these days, the manufacturer gives you triangular split “rings” in order to attach the neck strap to your new camera.

There is a problem with this though.

Not long after i purchased my X-Pro1, i started to read about the camera lugs on some Fuji cameras being worn out by these triangular split “rings”.  The reason why the lugs were getting worn out, was because of the split “rings” shape.

The split “rings” in question are triangles and when put on the camera lug, the lug sits right in the “crook” of the triangle – the “crook” being the same as the crook of your arm when you bend your arm to 90 degrees.

Therefore, the lug would sit in the “crook” and when the camera would swing or move, the lug was rubbing against the split “ring”, but the split “ring” was not moving because of it’s shape.  This would eventually result in the camera lug getting worn down to the point of almost having the split “ring” come out from the lug.

Trust me, this is a real issue and i have seen the evidence.  It’s a scary sight, especially considering that the wearing of the lugs can result in your $1500-$2000 camera smashing to the concrete below you.

Since i first read about a number of incidents where camera lugs were wearing out on peoples cameras, Fuji has come up with a remedy.

What Fuji has done to prevent the wearing out of the lugs, is not provide circular split rings, but rather they have inserted a small piece of metal within the lug that acts like a lining between the lug and split ring.  I have noticed this on my X100T.

I am not quite sure what Fuji has against circular split rings, but perhaps it is because they don’t want the ring moving around to much within the lug.

Anyhow, it did not take me long to change out the triangular split “rings” on my X-Pro1, with actual circular split rings.  I have had the circular split rings on my X-Pro1 for a while now and i have had no issues.

I have not changed the ones on my X10 yet because it is a pretty light camera and i am not very worried about the lugs wearing out.  Though, i do check them every once in a while.

However, i do think i will change out the rings on my X100T, even though the lugs feature Fuji’s “fix”.  I like the look of actual split rings anyhow.

If you have not done so already, i would check to see if there is any wear on your cameras lugs.  If you see it starting, change the split “rings” to circular ones.

Thanks for looking.

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More From The X100T

As i had mentioned in a previous post, last weekend i started my photo walk in front of Notre Dame.  On my way up to Notre Dame, i came across a couple of photo opportunities.

I thought the below alleyway deserved to be in greyscale.  I got down on my knees to shoot this one and boy, did i get some weird looks.

X1000022 X1000024

Here are a couple of caleches waiting for passengers.  The area was teeming with tourists that day, so i am sure that business was decent for the caleche drivers.

X1000025 X1000029

Believe it or not, trains still do use the tracks down at the old port.  You don’t see the train very often though.  The first time i saw a train use the tracks, was nearly two years ago and it was a long one.  I am guessing it was bringing hops to the Molson brewery.

X1000031 X1000032

I still have to get used to the FOV of the X100T.  I also have to get used to the parallax correction when i am using the OVF.  In all honesty, i don’t think i will be using the EVF all that much.  The OVF is just so bright and beautiful to look through.

X1000033 X1000034

There are all sorts of photo opportunities at the West end of the old port.  It’s very industrial, with bridges, locks and of course, the grain elevators.


The photo below is looking west, down the Lachine Canal.  During the day, you can walk across the top of the locks to get to the other side of the canal.

X1000037 X1000038

In the below photo, you can see some of the “traffic” signs that are used to direct boats under the bridge, either in or out of the locks.

X1000040 X1000041 X1000042

Below is the little park i sat down in before moving on to the grain elevators.  It’s a nice park and i have noticed that even during the peak summer months, it is not very crowded.


Despite it being somewhat chilly when the wind whipped up, it was really nice to be out in the sun and enjoying a relaxing walk.

Thanks for looking.

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Doing It With Two Is More Fun

When i went on my photo walk this past weekend, i took along two cameras.  With me, i had the X100T and the X-Pro1 with the 60mm attached, along with the grip.

It was a great duo to go out with.  I kept the X100T around my neck because it is nice and light and the X-Pro1 stayed in my bag, set up & ready to shoot.  Whenever i wanted to take a photo of something a bit further away, out came the X-Pro1.

I shot with two cameras when i had my Nikons, but a DSLR duo is far heavier.  I used to have one camera setup with a prime and the other set up with a tele-zoom, such as the 18-55 or 10-24.  It was not fun having that weight around your neck/shoulder all day.


I am a real advocate of having/owning two cameras, simply because it is always good to have a back-up.

Electronics, especially cameras, can be pretty complex and it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong.  Whether the fault will end up being electrical or mechanical (yes, there are still mechanical parts in today’s cameras), there is a slight chance that something may go wrong or perhaps you may have butter fingers and drop your camera.


Aside from having that second camera as a back-up, you can also use that second camera as another “platform”.  Depending on the camera, you can set it up to take wide angle shots, greyscale photos, action shots, have it set up with a telephoto lens, etc.  There are plenty of other possibilities.


If you are going to carry that second camera, make sure it is easily accessible and that you can bring it to your eye quickly.  Most importantly, make sure the camera is set up to take photos of the subjects you want it to take photos of.


For me, i had my second camera, the X-Pro1/60mm, set up to take stills.  Each time i wanted to shoot a scene that was a bit far away for the X100Ts 23mm lens, i would just take out my X-Pro1/60mm and get more then twice the focal length to use.

AJMP4947 AJMP4949

You can certainly go out with just one camera and have the custom setting banks (C1, C2, etc. profiles) set up for the different styles of photography you like to do, but that can be somewhat limiting depending on the camera you are using.

If you have a fixed focal length lens on your camera, customized profiles are not going to help you get a shot that is further away.  That is why i like the flexibility of the X-Pro1 & X100T duo so much.

AJMP4950 AJMP4951

Of course, carrying two cameras can be bulky, but nowhere near as bulky or heavy as carrying two APS-C DSLRs.

Aside from my two cameras, i carried a spare battery for each camera, some spare SD cards and some other, small accessories in my camera bag.

AJMP4952 AJMP4953

One important aspect that i learnt from carrying two cameras, is that you should always have your camera set up for the conditions that you are shooting in.

There is nothing more disappointing when you notice after the fact, that you have taken your photos overexposed.

Sure, the camera settings show up in the viewfinder.  But sometimes we are to busy taking our photo, that we do not notice.  And if you use an OVF all the time like i do, it is even harder to notice that you may have your settings wrong.

Therefore, double check your camera(s) settings before you go out to take photos.

AJMP4955 AJMP4958

Thanks for looking.

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Firmware Update 3.11 For the X-T1, Graphite/Black.

I missed this one, so i apologize for being late with it.

Back on May 7th, Fujifilm introduced firmware 3.11 for the X-T1.  This firmware update is for both the graphite and black edition of the camera.

Firmware 3.11 addresses the following issues:

Addition of the compatibility with the “Tethered Capture Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Ver.1.1”.
*If you don’t use the Tethered Capture Plug-in, you don’t need to upgrade the firmware.

You can find the new X-T1 firmware here (

As i always caution, always be cautious when updating your firmware.  Always use a fully charged battery and a formatted SD card that has been formatted IN YOUR CAMERA.

The new 4.00 firmware for the X-T1 should be released by late June.

Thanks for looking.

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