Sunday Afternoon

Today the rain held off and the temperature was somewhat warm, warm enough to sit outside for a while.

It’s always nice to have a nice, quiet, relaxing Sunday afternoon, where i can kick back and slowly drink a coffee.  It’s even better when i can spend some quality time with my daughter.


Last weekend, we went bug hunting around the backyard.  This weekend, we played a bit of tag and also played with some of her Lego bricks outside.

As we played, we had a few visitors come to visit us.


It was nice to finally be able to capture the Cardinal, even though he was some distance off.  He has been very elusive this Spring, with me always hearing him, but rarely seeing him.


I put some pieces of stale bread on the ground, hoping to attract some more birds to take photos of.  However, i attracted the wrong kind of bird.

Before i knew it, three seagulls started to circle the backyard, ready to swoop down and get the bread that i had laid out.  I really did not think they would detect it that fast.


However, only one of them managed to retrieve a piece of bread.  The rest of them seemed to be far to wary of the presence of my daughter & myself.  We would just have to make furtive movements and they would pull up out of their dive.


Well, if the seagulls were not going to be brave enough to come and get the bread, the squirrels were not shy.

Two squirrels came after the bread from both flanks, like SAS soldiers about to take out their target.  One of them took one piece and retreated, while the other one hung around for a bit and had a good meal.


Aside from playing tag and with the Lego bricks, my daughter and i had a fun time watching the little creatures that come to visit our backyard.

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