A Piece Lost…

I have been using my X-Pro1 for nearly 2 years now and it has never once failed me.  I tend to keep my equipment, whether it be cameras or tools, in very good condition.  I look after my cameras the same as i did when i first purchased them and so i should.

It was bound to happen one day and it finally did: i lost the pc sync terminal cover on my X-Pro1.  Actually, it has been while since i lost it.

The pc sync terminal, which is used to sync up your off camera flash unit to the camera, is located on the left hand side of the camera and is covered with a rubber cap when you purchase the X-Pro1.

If you do a search about this topic, you will find that many X-Pro1 owners have lost this same part.  Some lose the part in the first couple of weeks of owning the camera, while others have lost it after many months of constant use.

It seems that losing this part is some sort of “christening” or “rite of passage” for the camera.  If you really use your X-Pro1, you are most likely to lose this part.

Funny enough, when i noticed that it was missing, i remember picking up a small rubber cap off the floor in my house perhaps a few weeks before hand.  I did not think much about it at the time and simply dismissed it.  In the end, i believe i chucked it out.

Is this a critical part of the camera? No.  I suppose if you actually use the pc sync terminal, you would want to protect it from dirt and damage; therefore, you would want to invest in a new rubber cap or think of some other way of covering it.

Personally, i am not so worried, since i don’t use the terminal.  Though, it would probably be a good idea for me to cover the terminal in some way in order to keep it clean.

Thanks for looking.

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