New Look

I have been looking at my blog for the past couple of days and i started to think about making a change to it.

In seriousness, i was becoming tired of looking at all the black on my blog.  I wanted a cleaner, more minimal look.  So, off i went to hunt for a new theme.

As you may realize, i don’t pay for my wordpress site.  As it stands now, i can probably upload about another 700 photos to my site if i keep them under 1mb.  Though, i have been thinking quite a bit about going Premium and will most likely have to if i want to keep this blog going for years to come.

I am also not partial to paying for themes.  There are so many good free ones out there, such as the one i chose, to give my blog a fresh look.  The theme i chose, is called “chateau”.

As soon as i previewed the new theme, i liked it immediately.

I love the clean look about it.  One basic color for the background, without any other interfering and making things look cluttered.

I also like the font, which gives the whole theme a somewhat classic look.  Far better then the boring, block font that my last theme had.  The layout is more appealing to me as well.

Most importantly, i hope you, my readers and visitors, like the new theme.

Thanks for looking.

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