First Real Photo Walk Of The Year

I’m not much of a winter “photographer”.  I do get out once in a while during winter, but nothing like during the summer.  For one, at times it is just to cold in the winter for the equipment to be operating in.  Therefore, when this past weekend was blessed with gorgeous, sunny weather, i took advantage of it.

Last weekend was my first real “photo walk” of 2015.  Yes, i have been out before during the winter months to take a few photos, but this was the first time that i was able to stroll around and just enjoy the outside while taking photos.

For this photo walk, i took the X-Pro1 with the 35mm mounter and the grip attached.  I put the spare battery in my cargo pants pocket and off i went.  Nothing else needed.




I set my camera up to shoot in 16:9 once again.  I really wanted to have a good go at shooting in 16:9 before coming to some conclusions, which i will save for another post.

For me, Old Montreal is full of photo opportunities.  You can go back there again and again, and always find different perspectives on certain scenes.  Furthermore, there is lots to shoot.  You just have to look around and you will find all sort of photos.



Despite it being a gorgeous day, it was not that busy down at the old port.  There was a a good flow of people coming into the area, but nothing like you would expect on such a nice day.

If you follow the news, you probably heard about the guy who ran out onto the ice to save his dog.

I was down there when it happened, but did not actually see what occurred.  Though, now i know why all the security vehicles were racing down to that area, with sirens blaring and lights flashing.



The fact that there was not to many people out, made it much easier to have a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk.  During the summer time, you feel like a pin ball among all the people.

AJMP4563AJMP4565 AJMP4566AJMP4569 AJMP4570AJMP4571

The AML boats were docked and seemed to be getting ready for the summer boating season.  My wife and i came to the conclusion that we have to experience one of the cruises this year.


I converted the below photo of the ice into greyscale, because i felt greyscale served the photo much better then leaving it in color.  Besides, there was not much color to it in the first place.


I am sure the subsequent warm days have taken care of the ice that is present in the below photos.  The seagulls seemed to be enjoying standing and sitting on it though.

AJMP4577AJMP4578 AJMP4580AJMP4581

It was nice to see the musicians out in Old Montreal again.  This guy had a bit of an audience while playing, including me.

AJMP4583AJMP4584 AJMP4585AJMP4588

All in all, it was a great day.  I was so relaxed strolling around and taking photos.  For me, that is the best way to go about photography.  Just take your time, slow down, compose, shoot.  Think about the shot.

Thanks for looking.

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7 thoughts on “First Real Photo Walk Of The Year

  1. Nice shots of some very familiar scenes, well done.
    We’ve done the evening/supper cruise with out-of-town guests before; the food is not spectacular but still very good and it gives you a great perspective of that part of the island.
    BTW I’m still thinking of organizing a Montreal area blogger meet and greet for late May or early June. If you’re interesting in joining us please email me so we can discuss it 🙂


    1. Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, it has been something that we have wanted to do for some time. It looks like a relaxing time on the river. Okay, the meet sounds interesting. Will certainly contact you early May so that i can join. Thanks

      Liked by 1 person

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