The Photos In My Blog

All the photos that you see on my blog are mine and were taken by me.

Equipment used: I currently use a Fuji X-Pro1 and a Fuji X10.  All of the photos that i post these days, are taken with my Fuji cameras.  In regards to any photos taken prior to September 2013, they could have been taken with any one of my Nikon DSLRs that i once owned.  I do try my best to indicate which camera i used.

Settings: I don’t usually post what settings I took the photo with.  If you really want to know, you can ask me and I will take a look at the original file for you.

Post-Processing: I have only recently started to learn Photoshop Elements 9.  So far, i have learnt how to watermark, add a frame, add an outline, merge exposures and paly with different layers.  I’m getting there.

I have also recently started to use a new photo editing software called Photo Director.  I have had to start using this software because for some strange reason, NX2 stopped working.

JPEG or RAW (RAF): The JPEGs straight from the Fuji cameras are very good.  As a matter of fact, one of the reasons i switched to Fuji, was to be able to shoot JPEG and have no worries.  Honestly, i don’t want to sit in front of a computer for hours and process RAW files.  The minor tweaks i do on the JPEGs take long enough.  I have shot RAW with my Fujis, that is how i did my HDR photos.  Though, I can’t see myself shooting RAW all the time.

At one point, i did shoot RAW quite a bit and used the in-camera converter to turn the photos into JPEGs.  It’s great to do it in-camera if all you want to do is push or pull the exposure a bit or sharpen a bit.  But, if you are wanting to get into more detail, you really need to bring the photo up on a larger screen.

Resolution: I very rarely post the full resolution photo.  First, it takes up to much space and secondly, it takes longer to upload and i do tend to upload quite a few photos to my posts.  I use a tool called Fotosizer and i reduce my photos to “webpage/email” size. This will take some of the resolution away, especially if you zoom in on the photo.

Please don’t steal: I worked hard at taking my photos, so please respect that. For me, these are my little pieces of art. If you like any of my photos and want to use it somewhere, please don’t steal it.  Ask me.

Thanks for looking.

©, All Rights Reserved


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