Columbidae (Pigeon)

It was such a beautiful day today, there was no way i was going to miss out on going outside with the camera.

Aside from going down to the old port for a nice, leisurely walk, i also took a short stroll around my neighborhood.

I put the 50-230 on my X-Pro1 and looked for some birds.

Well, there were not many song birds around, so i was left shooting some pigeons.


You can give them all the fancy Latin scientific classifications you want.  For me, they are flying crap bags.  They seriously mess up any area they roost.


The pigeon in the below photo was interesting to observe.  It being spring and all, he seemed to be in full strut mode.  He had his chest puffed out and was doing a dance, which took him in circles while stamping his feet up and down.  I wonder if he got lucky…


I must admit, i do like the colors that pigeons have in their plumage.  They are not striking, but they are well balanced colors.


The pigeons were not the most exciting subject to shoot, but they were quite interesting to observe in their behavior.

Thanks for looking.

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