Stowe & Spruce Peak Ski Resort, Vermont

One of the destinations that we visited while in Stowe, was the Stowe Ski Resort and Spruce Peak (I’m not sure why i kept saying Sugarbush to some people).

If you are visiting during ski season and are not going to ski, there really is not much to do, except for maybe hanging out in the lodge.  Oh yeah, the lodge…. well, i will get to that story later.


Finding parking is not that hard, there is an abundance of it.  Further, people seem to be constantly coming and going.

In all honesty, we had no idea where we were going.  We wanted to park close to the main lodge, but we had no idea where that was.

In our pursuit of trying to find a spot near the gondola, we killed a traffic cone and had to pry it from underneath the car.  1 point for us.


As we started to walk towards the gondola, some guy from NY state stopped us and asked where the main lodge was.  I told him, “I have no idea.  I know as much as you do!”

After taking a few photos of the mountain and some family shots, we proceeded to walk towards what looked like a ski shop.

Once in the ski shop, i asked the lady at the cash where the main lodge was.  She pointed towards the ceiling and said, “upstairs, second floor”.

I half chuckled and responded, “That’s it?“.

Well, i don’t think she liked my response because she gave a laugh as if to say, “who the heck is this guy!“, and just went on about her business without saying another word to me.


The reason i responded, “That’s it?”, was because the main lodge that i was being shown, was not very large at all.  The lodges/chalets at the ski centers in the Laurentians are larger.  Though, in the case of Stowe, i believe most people drive into town for their apres ski activities.


After our little adventure in finding the “main” lodge, we made it over to Spruce Peak via a short gondola ride, called the Over Easy.  The Over Easy is free for anyone who wants to take it.  No ski ticket or skis required.

If you take a look at the photo above, you will see a dog on the right hand side of the photo.  Notice how big she is.  Well, she was not for getting onto the gondola to go to the Stowe side of the resort.  And there was no way that her owner was going to make her either.

I am sure the dog was saying to herself, “Oh, you think i am getting on that contraption huh?  Think again lady!  I’m going the other way!”, and she did.

The owner of this dog was not able, even if her life depended on it, to pull this dog even an inch.  On the other hand, the dog was very able to pull her owner quite a distance!  It was quite amusing to watch.


Once over at Spruce Peak, you can see that there is some major construction going on in order to build up a serious ski resort.


We walked around a bit and then went back to the other side to get our car.


Thanks for looking.

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