Sanctuaire De Beauvoir, Quebec

Day one of our road tripping adventure took us down to the Eastern Townships where we visited the Abbey in St. Benoit du Lac and the Sanctuaire de Beauvoir in Sherbrooke.

Luckily for us, the day was beautiful and just right for taking a long drive.  It is a bit of a drive, but well worth it in the end.


Once you are parked at the sanctuary, there is a tremendous view to be had.  I can only imagine what this view looks like in the summer or even in the fall with all the colors.



The interior of the church is not very big, so it was somewhat hard to get a wide shot with just my 35mm. Furthermore, there was people praying, so i did not want to disturb them with the sound of my cameras shutter.

The church is made entirely of of stone, which makes it a bit cool to sit inside for to long.



Outside, just at the back of the church, you will find the stations of the cross.  This area must be beautiful during the summer months.






Below are some more photos of the view to be had once you make your way up to the sanctuary.

One fellow came up to me and started to tell me that on a clear day, you can see beyond the mountains that you see in the distance.



Here is the steeple of the new church.  In the basement of the church, they have a store and a banquet area for local community events.  You are able to buy locally made cheeses and chocolates in the store.


On our way out, we came across a huge procession of people making their way up to the church for Good Friday mass.  It was something that we don’t see very often living in the city.  It was nice to see that whole communities still come together like that.


I took these photos with my X-Pro1 and the 35mm.  As you can see, i used the 16:9 aspect ratio again.


Thanks for looking.

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