The Tour St. Benoit

As part of our road tripping adventure this past Easter weekend, we made our way down to Saint Benoit du Lac.

Saint Benoit du Lac is a small community of about 50 people in the Eastern Townships.  It is located in the larger community of Memphremagog and only compromises of an Abbey, a cheese factory and the surrounding lands.

It is a very serene area and aside from the imposing Abbey, there are several smaller buildings to be seen.  One of those buildings is the Tour St. Benoit.


At the moment of writing this blog post, i can not find much information on what purpose this building actually serves.  However, i can only assume that it is some sort of chapel or meditation area.

I did notice a sign in front of the building that stated renovations were either in progress or were going to take place.  It’s good to know that these old buildings are being kept up.


This chapel must be more picturesque during the summer with all the foliage out.  I spotted three stairways going up to this little chapel and i would assume that during the summer, you can walk up to the chapel and have a visit.  When i was visiting, the stairs were covered in snow and i was not even sure if people were allowed to go up to have a look.


With these photos, i set up my X-Pro1 to shoot in 16:9, just as i had done with my X10.  I do like the aspect ratio, but it does have it’s limitations.  In other words, i am not sure that i would shoot everything in 16:9… or would i?  I am debating whether or not this “cinematic” aspect ratio can give justice to every scene or vice versa.

Along with experimenting with this new aspect ratio, i am also learning a new photo editing software and these are the “guinea pig” photos.

Thanks for looking.

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