Road Tripping In 16:9

This past Easter weekend was filled with road trips.  I really love road tripping because it breaks you out of the ordinary and gets you to new destinations to explore.

Of course, with new destinations, comes new photographs.

Every road trip starts with a point A and then proceeds to points B, C, D, etc.  This post will be about the point A to point B of our last road trip to Vermont.

While driving down to the US border, i made sure that i had my little X10 with me, ready to take some shots of the passing scenery.  However, instead of taking photos in the normal aspect ratio of 4:3, i decided to try shooting in 16:9.

Now, the only problem with shooting in 16:9 with the X10, is that the camera is only going to produce 9mp files.  Therefore, you are leaving 3mp on the table and not getting the full 12mp resolution of the sensor.


On top of only getting 9mp files, i was also shooting out of a very dirty car window.  This did not help the already low resolution.  Needless to say, these photos are not for pixel peepers.  You have been warned.


When road tripping, there is always a bit of adventure and stories to tell.  Well, on our way down to the border, we hit a GPS dead zone that is worthy of talking about.

All of a sudden, the little car icon on the GPS was no longer driving along the designated route.  Instead, the car icon was going all over the place and the GPS was constantly re-calculating the route.  It was as if it was stuck in this crazy cycle of re-calculating, losing the route, re-calculating, etc.


However, i did not panic because the last time we went down to the border this same way, the GPS did the same thing.  Very strange indeed.  Once we had to turn left to head West somewhat, the GPS re-aligned itself and all was back to normal.


When we did get to the border, it was not busy at all.  There was perhaps four or five cars ahead of us and the border agent cleared them quite efficiently.

Now, if i were to give you three Canadian passports, would you proceed to ask if we were all Canadian citizens?  I don’t suppose you would, but the border agent that we were served by, did.

Maybe it was some sort of secret, border agent tactic to throw us off; you know, just in case we were terrorists and forgot that we were “supposed” to be Canadians.  Because, after all, an eight year old kid, a small Filipino lady and a plain looking white dude, are a huge threat to national security.  I suppose he has to employ his “Jedi” border agent powers on someone.


After disappointing the tactful border agent by not stumbling on his question, we proceeded to head down to Stowe, Vermont.


On the way down, we stopped at one of the rest stops to have a good stretch and a bit of a rest.  The nice thing about the rest stops, is that there is freshly brewed coffee to be had.  Though, it isn’t free.  You do have to make a small donation of a dollar, which is a pretty good deal considering you get a fairly decent sized cup of coffee.


After shooting the X10 in 16:9, i don’t think i will be doing it again.  The sensor in the camera is only a 2/3″ sensor and you really have to use all 12mp to get the best out of the camera.

On the other hand, if you are not a pixel peeper, shooting in 16:9 does make for some nice shots.

Thanks for looking.

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