Weather Extremes

There is an old saying about Montreal weather and that is, “If you don’t like the weather, give it 15 minutes.”

This Easter weekend started off with a beautifully warm Good Friday, with the temperature going up to 15 degrees Celsius.  It actually felt like Spring was finally here, with the snow melting at a quick pace.


The street was clear of snow and ice, the grass was starting to show and the birds were singing.

But then…. mother nature decided that there was still a bit of winter left in her.  This is what i woke up to on Saturday morning.


Now that’s a pretty extreme difference.

Not only did we get a dumping of wet snow, but the temperature took a nose dive to about negative 5 degrees Celsius.  The one positive in all of this, was the fact that there was blue sky.

Thanks for looking.

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