Fujifilm X-100T Firmware Update

Just recently, Fujifilm announced that they will no longer develop firmware for the X-100S.  This just may be a prelude to their paid program that they hinted at a few months ago.  In other words, they may develop a new firmware for the X-100S, but you will have to pay for it in order to have it.  I suppose time will tell what will happen next.

Despite brushing the X-100S aside in regards to firmware updates, they have just released a new firmware upgrade for the X-100T.  Version 1.10 is the first firmware update for this camera.

You can find all firmware updates here: (https://d7100shooter.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/fuji-firmware-dropbox/)

As always, proceed with caution when downloading and installing the firmware update.  Follow the instructions step-by-step, i don’t want you to brick your camera.

From http://www.fujifilm.ca, here are the details of the update:

  • 1.Addition of the messages when “COVERSION LENS” setting is changed in the FUNCTION (Fn) SETTING
    When an Fn button with “CONVERSION LENS” setting is pressed, one of the messages below appears in a cyclic manner in addition to the icons.
  • 2.Improvement of flash function when “MECHANICAL+ELECTRONIC” is selected
    An external flash will fire when the “MECHANICAL+ELECTRONIC” is selected in the “SHUTTER TYPE” option of the shooting menu.
  • 3.Improvement of the viewfinder display
    When the dual optical viewfinder/electronic range finder (ERF) display is used with the Digital Split Image, the white Focus frame appears in the center of the viewfinder.
  • 4.Improvement of Focus Peaking display in the electronic viewfinder under a dark environment for easy focus setting.

Once again, Fujifilm is keeping it’s customers happy by listening to them.  Install cautiously and enjoy the new enhancements.

Thanks for looking.

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