What’s In My Camera Bag?

I don’t have a very big camera bag. I got mine as a gift from my wife when i had my D3000 and two lenses. At this point in time, i have pretty much out grown it. But, it is a great camera bag and compact to walk around with.

I can fit both my Fuji X cameras in my bag very nicely.  If I get creative, I could probably fit two other lenses in the bag.

Aside from my camera(s), what else do I carry in my bag?:

DSCF5674 copy

-I carry both battery charges with me, but i don’t usually carry both cameras with me.  I think it’s safe to say that i can take one battery charger out.

-USB Cables (not sure why i carry the usb cable. I never use it)

-A lens pen

-Some lens clothes, which are inside the screen protector package.

-Extra memory cards

-A plastic garbage bag

-A pen & some paper

-A multi-tool.

-A spare battery for my X-Pro1

-Body cap and extra lens cap.

-Some silica packs to keep things dry.

-Hot shoe cover (don’t use it).

-Split rings (i took the triangle ones off of my camera and put round ones on.)

-A soft release.

-A mini tripod, which would only be able to hold my X10.

An explanation on a few of the items.

Pen & Paper: Good to have in order to write down specific settings.

Plastic garbage bag: If it starts to rain real hard, i can put my camera bag inside the garbage bag and keep everything dry.

Multi-tool: You never know when you may need a screwdriver, knife, pliers, etc.

The rest is obvious.

That is all I have in my bag at the moment.  It is actually quite light compared to having a DSLR and a few lenses in it.

I rarely carry both cameras with me, even though i am an advocate of owning two cameras, one as a back-up.  Weird, i know.

Thanks for looking.

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