Star Alliance

Star Alliance is the biggest airline alliance worldwide.  Air Canada was one of five founding airlines that began the alliance back in 1997, along with: Lufthansa, Thai Airways, Scandinavian Airlines and United Airlines.

Star Alliance is headquartered in in Germany and it’s current CEO is Mark Schwab.  Look closely at the Star Alliance logo and you will see that it is composed of five triangles, with each triangle representing one of the founding airlines.

Since it’s founding year of 1997, Star Alliance has grown from 5 members, to 27.  This alliance of 27 member airlines combined, is responsible for over 18,500 flights per day, around the globe.  The more then 18,500 flights reach 193 countries and serve 1,321 airports in all.  With that many flights per day, many people are moved around the world per year, 637.6 million to be exact.

Unfortunately, i have not been able to catch any other Star Alliance aircraft aside from that of Air Canada.

DSC_0121 copy

DSC_0131 (2) copy

DSC_0265 copy

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