Qatar Executive

Every once in a while, i will catch an aircraft that is somewhat unique.  A couple of years ago, i caught a Bombardier Challenger 605 being delivered to Qatar Executive.

Qatar Executive is essentially a jet aircraft charter service.  Aside from the charter service aspect of the company, Qatar Executive also has several other divisions within it’s company, such as: aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, private jet holidays and VIP service at Doha.

Here is the Challenger 605 that i caught.

Qatar Executive Challenger 605

This particular aircraft was built in 2010 and was delivered to Qatar Executive on July 17, 2011.  I photographed the aircraft on July 9, 2011.  In the photograph, you will notice that the pilots have the RAT deployed, most likely to test it out before making the long distance trip across the Atlantic.

This particular aircraft’s registration is now A7-CEG and still flies in the Qatar Executive fleet.

Thanks for looking.

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