Tight Right Turn

At times, i am able to do a little bit of plane spotting from my balcony.  If aircraft are taking off from 6R, they sometimes make a sharp right turn and come over my house.  In addition, aircraft sometimes land on runway 28, in which case they come in over my house at a much lower altitude and gives me wonderful opportunities to take photos.  If you take a look at my Swiss Air post (https://d7100shooter.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/swiss-international-airlines-formerly-swissair/), the aircraft featured in that post was landing on runway 28.

Unfortunately, it is very rare that aircraft land on runway 28.  Therefore, i am left with getting photos of aircraft at higher altitudes.

Here is an Air Canada flight taking that sharp right turn that i mentioned above.  The first couple of photos shows the aircraft just as it is coming out of the turn.

AJMP4384 copy

AJMP4385 copy

This photo is at somewhat of an awkward angle, but so was i.  I sometimes forget to keep the camera level when i am panning around in an arc.

AJMP4386 copy

Here he is leveling out as well as continuing to gain altitude.

AJMP4387 copy

This last photo shows him disappearing into the clouds.  I did not see him again after this.

AJMP4388 copy

Thanks for looking.

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