Sugaring Off, Part II

Having converted some of the photos from our sugaring off trip to greyscale, i thought it was about time that i post the remaining photos that i will keep in color.

Overall, the day was fine and it was a nice way to spend Saturday afternoon.  I had not been to a sugar shack for many, many years and this experience was not like i remember it.

AJMP4293 copy

I must admit, the food was good; but then again, it does not take allot of culinary skill to cook beans, eggs, sausage, coleslaw, etc.  The items that were missing and which i was somewhat disappointed about not having, was french toast, pancakes or waffles.  Unless you were into pouring syrup over your eggs or ham, there was nothing to enjoy the maple syrup with.

AJMP4297 copy

AJMP4298 copy

Furthermore, after paying a hefty price per head, a drink for my daughter was not included with the meal.  We had to pay extra to get her a little juice box to go along with her food.  Though, what topped it all off and turned me off, was being accosted for a tip.

Now, don’t get me wrong, i understand the service industry very well and i know that tips are a major part of a waitresses wages.  Each and every time we go out, i tip 14-15% and don’t hesitate to do so.  However, when a waitress reminds me to tip or tells me that i should tip 15%, guess what?  They either don’t get a tip or they are left with a much smaller percentage.

AJMP4302 copy

AJMP4306 copy

Anyhow, i digress.  I should not complain to much.  It’s once a year and this is how these people make their living.

AJMP4309 copy

The most important part of the day, was the fact that my daughter had a good time.  It is always a pleasure to see her with a big smile and laughing.  That right there, is worth more then the price of admission.

AJMP4313 copy

AJMP4314 copy

AJMP4318 copy

AJMP4320 copy

Unfortunately, i broke my camera bag while i was there.  The buckle on the front became caught on the fence where the deer where and broke off.  Luckily for me, i am still able to loop the strap through the buckle.  All i need to do, is find a way to fasten the strap together now that one of the bars is no longer there.

AJMP4326 copy

AJMP4333 copy

AJMP4342 copy

I felt sorry for the pony’s that were tied up to the carousel.  They were just standing there, out in the cold.  They really did not look happy.  I am sure that they would be far happier roaming around a field somewhere.

AJMP4358 copy

This little church was nice.  It would have been a better photo if there were no cars in the frame.

AJMP4359 copy

I definetly recommend going to the sugar shack at this time of the year.  It is a great way to have a family outing on the weekend and there are always fun activities for the kids to do.  Just be prepared to pay the price.

Thanks for looking.

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