Winter Plane Spotting

Today i decided to go up to the airport to do a little plane spotting.  I have actually never been plane spotting at the airport during winter and yes, it is still winter.  Officially, the last day of winter is March 19th, just ten more days!

When i arrived at the spotting park, i could not believe how foggy it was around the airport.  Usually, you are able to see beyond the terminal.  But today, you saw the terminal and that was it.  Beyond that, all you saw was a thick, grey, soupy fog.

Aside from the fog, no one had bothered to clear the snow in the park, so i was left hiking up a snow bank and walking to the main part of the park in snow.  Luckily for me, someone before me had broken a trail, so it wasn’t all that bad.


Even though it was not sunny today, my transition lenses still decided to darken and this gave me a tough time to see the EVF in my camera.

With not a lot of light, with my lenses darkened and with an EVF that was not bright enough, i am surprised that i was able to focus on the aircraft.  All i was able to see, was the aircraft’s lights.


I am quite sure that if i had “normal” lenses in my glasses, i would have been able to have seen the EVF just fine.

The problem of not being able to see the EVF, was really just a matter of circumstances and not solely the fault of the EVF.


When i go up to the airport to do some plane spotting, it is always nice to catch something i never have before.  Today was one of those days.  I was able to catch an Air Canada Rouge aircraft.


The aircraft itself, an Airbus A319, is not all that rare for me.  It is the livery that i have not been able to catch before.  Below, you can see the nice red & white paint scheme of the tail.


A trusty Q400 at work.


Here is the Rouge Airbus A319 taking off.  Again, it was really hard to see him in the EVF.  Somehow i managed it though.



It was nice to be able to get up to the park to do some spotting.  I only wish they would keep it clear of snow so that people can access it easier during the winter.

Thanks for looking.

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