Focus Issues?

OIS = Optical Image Stabilization

For the fun of it, i took my X-Pro1 out to take some photos of the moon.  It was such a clear night, i could not resist.

I am not big on taking moon shots, for they all kind of look the same in the end.

Anyhow, i went out onto my balcony to take the photos with my X-Pro1 with the 50-230mm attached.  I came back inside to look at the results and was surprised at what i saw.  Almost all the photos were soft to the point that no detail was showing up at all.

AJMP4276 copy

I thought that this was really weird, since i was always able to get nice, sharp photos of the moon in the past.

Before going out to take more photos, i opened up the lens a bit more and increased the ISO a bit so that i could get a faster shutter speed.  However, in the back of my mind, i really did not think that this would make much of a difference since the OIS should take care of any camera shake at low shutter speeds.  Besides, the photos were soft, not blurred.

I was right, it did not make any difference at all.  My photos were still coming out soft.  A bit of panic started to settle in.  I was really hoping nothing was wrong with the lens.

For whatever reason, i thought about the focus area box.  On the X-Pro1, you can adjust the size of the focus area box by pressing the AF button and then using the dial on the back to increase or decrease the size.

I increased the size of the focus area box, thinking that it could not possibly make the situation any worse then it already was.

Low and behold, making that focus area box larger fixed my problem.  From that point on, every shot was sharp.

I really can’t tell you why the larger focus area box made a difference, but it did.  Before making it larger, i had the focus box right on the moon, so i don’t know why the photos were coming out soft.

At one point, i thought it was the OIS, but the OIS controls camera shake and my photos were not blurred; rather, they were soft, meaning something was wrong with the cameras focus.

I am happy that nothing was actually “wrong”, but instead the soft photos were due to a camera setting needing adjustment.

Thanks for looking.

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