Revamping My Site

Over the course of the last month, i have been taking the time to do some re-modelling of my site.  It’s not a complete gut, just a few upgrades here and there.

New Category:

I have added “National Historical Sites (Montreal)”, as a new category.

As a matter of fact, it dawned on me that my categories were somewhat more like “scattergories”.  As that matter came to my attention, i also thought of the new category that i mentioned above.

Therefore, aside from adding that new category, i renamed some of my categories and placed some of my posts where they really should be.  It’s still a work in progress, but i am doing a little bit at a time.

In the end, i just may get rid of the “My walks with Mr. Fuji By My Side”, depending on what posts are left that i can not fit into other categories.

Anyhow, i will be making the new category that i added as a personal project of mine.  As you may have noticed, i already have posts in the category, since i have already photographed a few of the National Historical sites found in Montreal.

Here is a list of all the sites: (

I am hoping and planning, that i can complete the project this year.  However, there is no rush.  I want to take my time with this.  I do have some other personal projects in mind, but i will mention them when i have it clearer in my mind.


I stopped watermarking my photos a while ago, only because i found Photoshop doing something funky to my JPEG files.  However, i believe i have discovered what i was doing wrong (or what i shouldn’t have been checking off) in Photoshop when i was batch processing the JPEGs for watermarking.

With the watermarking “issue” solved, i have started to watermark again.

I have started to watermark my photos again because i have already (in the last 2 months) come across 5 instances in which a photo of mine was being used without my permission or credit given to me.

I know that this will not prevent the determined thief from stealing my photo and using it, but it is the best deterrent i have at the moment.  And yes, a watermark can be removed; though, it is quite difficult and probably not worth it in the end.

In advance, i will apologize to anyone who thinks my watermark in the middle of my photos is annoying in any way.

Alt Text & Centering Photos:

As i mentioned in a previous post, i have started to use the Alt Text field more and more.  Slowly but surely, i am going through my posts and filling in that field with relevant text.

Lastly, i am also making an effort to center my photos within my posts.  I feel that a photo in the center of a post, is far more visually friendly then one off to the right or left.

Thanks for looking.

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