Looking Back

I was going through some photos from the summer of 2013 and came across some wide angle photos i took of the old port.

This was when i had my D7100 and Tamron 10-24mm.  I don’t miss the DSLR at all, but i do miss the wide angle lens.  As it stands now, if i am wanting a nice wide shot, i have to use my X10.


I could also stitch a series of photos together.  Though, i would much prefer a wide angle lens.


Looking at these photos really makes me miss summer, especially during these cold, overcast days.  I don’t mind the snow all that much.  It’s the lack of sunlight that gets to me sometimes.



Funny thing is, we complain about the cold weather in the winter and then complain about the hot weather in the summer.  We certainly are weird beings.


I suppose if it was around 25 degrees Celsius for most of the year, i would be really happy.



I’m really looking forward to the warmer weather and i am going to make an effort to not complain, because the alternative is winter.


Thanks for looking.

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