Including Alt Text In Your Photos

A couple of weeks ago, i was going through some photography blogs to see if there was anything out there that i would want to follow.

After going through a good fifty “photography” blogs, i ended up following a few, including Photofocus: (

So far, i really like the site.  It is filled with great information and is a must (in my opinion) for anyone who want’s to continue to learn this medium called photography.  As a “blogger”, one of their posts caught my eye.

Back on January 29th, they published a great article on SEO basics: (  It was a very interesting read for me, especially since i want to get my blog noticed more.

One of the tips they gave in the article, was to use Alt Tags.  Basically, Alt Tags are brief, text based descriptions of your photos.  Seeing that Google can not necessarily identify what a photograph is, it will look for other identifiers, such as the Alt Tags, to tell it what the photo “is“.  For example, if you have photos of aircraft on your blog like i do, you can make it much easier for Google to search & categorize your photos when someone searches for “Westjet” for example, by putting in these little descriptors.

Where do you put in the Alt Tags?

Well, in WordPress, the field that you would look for is actually called Alt Text.  To get to this field, go to the blog post you want to do your editing in, then click edit.  Then go to the photo that you would like to include Alt Text in, click on it and a little menu bar will appear near the top of the photo.  On that menu bar, click on the pencil icon.

Once you click on the pencil icon,  a window will pop up titled, “Image Details”.  Within this window, you will see your image to the right and the editing fields to the left.  You will find the Alt Text field below the first field, caption.

In the Alt Text field, you will find (if you have not put anything else in here) the file number of your photo.  You can erase this.  You can then put in a short description of the photo, but it should be a description that people would most likely use to search for such a photo.

For my post about Porter Airlines, i have various photos of their Q400 aircraft.  Therefore, when i entered the Alt Text for those photos, i simply put, “Porter Airlines Q400”.  Short and simple.

I could also put “aviation photography” into the Alt Text field for my aircraft photos.  Essentially, the Alt Text field helps Google categorize your photos, as well as “learn” what your website is all about.  So, if you were running a wedding photography only blog/website, you would simply put in “city Wedding Photography”.

Therefore, from my understanding, the Alt Text field will help you have Google categorize your photos based on what you type into that field.

At the moment, i am going through my posts one at a time and putting in the Alt Text for each photo.  It may be a bit time consuming, but it is worth it in the end.

Thanks for looking.

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7 thoughts on “Including Alt Text In Your Photos

  1. I always knew there had to be a useful purpose for that field. Do you know if you put more than one Alt Tag, like separated by a comma, or is it preferable to only use one?


    1. Hi Norm, I am not sure. I think it would be best to put something as concise as possible. I was also thinking about using a comma to separate the text, but not sure if it would function. I can’t say if there is any way of testing it either.

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  2. Also (I think), when a user switches off image display (on a web page), this text appears as a place holder. Used to be a great feature in the older and slower days.

    Thanks for the tip.


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