Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

I don’t quite remember when i took the following photos of the F-117, but it must have been sometime in the early ’90s.  The photos are from both the Mirabel airshow and the airshow at St. Hubert.

For an aircraft nut like myself, being able to see and get up close to the stealth aircraft was something special indeed.  However, no one was allowed to get up to close.

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

No digital cameras back then, at least none that i was able to afford.  These photos were taken by a simple 35mm, point & shoot film camera.

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

As you can see, my composition was not all to bad, but still off in some instances.  I will always remember the viewfinder on my film camera, it was ever so clear and large.

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

The Nighthawk was retired back in 2008, so you will not see this aircraft at any airshows these days.  Despite it’s technology being revolutionary, it was still 1970’s era technology that was going up against smarter radar technology when it started to see combat in the ’90s and the first years of the 21st century.

In 1999, an F-117 was lost while on a combat mission in Yugoslavia.  It was shot down by a SA-3 surface to air missile system operated by the Yugoslav army.

The radar unit of the SA-3 was able to detect the F-117 once the aircraft had opened it’s bomb bay doors.  The fatal missile was launched from 8 miles away.

The pilot survived and the remains of the shot down F-117 are now on display at a museum in Belgrade.

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk

Despite developing new tactics for F-117 pilots, the aircraft was eventually retired due to the high cost of maintenance and the fact that more streamlined shapes for stealth aircraft were being generated by computers.

It was a real treat to be able to see this airplane and take photos of it.  If you are interested in seeing an F-117 up close, you will only be able to see one in a museum these days.  Though, the aircraft on display in the museums are but the prototypes (YF-117A) and have never seen any combat.

The F-117s that saw service, are all in storage in Tonopah in their climate controlled hangars.  However, it has been reported that an F-117 has been seen out on the Nellis bombing range as recently as 2013.

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Being Credited For My First Photo

This post is somewhat related to my sticky post about my photos being used without permission.

However, even though my photo in this case was being used without permission, the end result of the matter was a first for me.

I may have mentioned this before, but what i have started to do, is to Google search the photos that people are clicking on.  Aside from finding out if the photo is being used without permission, looking at the photos people are clicking on also gives me a change to see what photos are interesting to people and to make sure they are properly watermarked.

Some time last week, i noticed people looking at my Old Montreal Forum photos.  These photos are of the interior of the Forum as it looks now.  Here is the post with those photos: (https://d7100shooter.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/the-old-montreal-forum/)

I took those photos back in 2013 when i took my daughter to the cinema.  I used my D7100 with the Tamron 10-24mm.  In my honest opinion, they are not the best photos and knowing what i know now, i could do a better job.

Anyhow, i right clicked on the second photo to search for it through Google and what do you know, i found it being used on no less than 3 websites.

old montreal forum

Here are the websites that i found my photo on:

1) (http://clubzone.com/blog/montreal-kick-off-2015-with-joy/)

2) (http://bergerbytes.ca/gardens-still-looking-like-old/)

3) (http://montreal.tv/portail/blog/tag/new-years-eve/)

At the same time that i was miffed about this, i was also somewhat pleased with myself.

Finding my photo being used without my permission or credit to me, i immediately contacted all three websites via their contact-us forms.  A couple of days went by and i did not hear back from anyone.

Sometimes, i think people won’t take you seriously until you send them a second, more formal email.  So, that is what i did.

The next day, i received a reply from two of the websites.  Here is the first email:

Salut Alistair, vraiment désolé pour ça est-ce que tu peux qu’on donne crédit et linker ton site ou page FB ou tu veux la faire retirer

Irois Leger

Fondateur, Montreal.TV

From there, we exchanged a few more emails and he ended up crediting the photo to me by putting my name under the photo.  If you go and look at the page now (same link for Montreal.tv as i put above), you will see the credit.

The second reply came in just a few hours afterwards.  Here is the email:

Thank you for notifying us about the photo. We will be sure to take it down.


Again, we exchanged a few more emails and they ended up crediting the photo to me.

In addition, i also heard from the author of the article in which my photo appeared.  He apologized to me and reassured me that the photo was credited to me and it is.

You can look at the link i put up for clubzone.com and you will see the credited photo.

As for the third website, i have yet to hear from the author of that site.  Though, i will make sure to keep in touch with him.

It feels good that i have credited photos out there on the internet.  All in all, both situations had a good outcome.  Yes, i suppose i could have asked for money; though, i thought it would be more beneficial to me if i had photos out there credited to me.

Money’s great, but recognition in photography is best, especially at my early stage.  After all, recognition will lead to money.

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Revamping My Site

Over the course of the last month, i have been taking the time to do some re-modelling of my site.  It’s not a complete gut, just a few upgrades here and there.

New Category:

I have added “National Historical Sites (Montreal)”, as a new category.

As a matter of fact, it dawned on me that my categories were somewhat more like “scattergories”.  As that matter came to my attention, i also thought of the new category that i mentioned above.

Therefore, aside from adding that new category, i renamed some of my categories and placed some of my posts where they really should be.  It’s still a work in progress, but i am doing a little bit at a time.

In the end, i just may get rid of the “My walks with Mr. Fuji By My Side”, depending on what posts are left that i can not fit into other categories.

Anyhow, i will be making the new category that i added as a personal project of mine.  As you may have noticed, i already have posts in the category, since i have already photographed a few of the National Historical sites found in Montreal.

Here is a list of all the sites: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_National_Historic_Sites_of_Canada_in_Montreal)

I am hoping and planning, that i can complete the project this year.  However, there is no rush.  I want to take my time with this.  I do have some other personal projects in mind, but i will mention them when i have it clearer in my mind.


I stopped watermarking my photos a while ago, only because i found Photoshop doing something funky to my JPEG files.  However, i believe i have discovered what i was doing wrong (or what i shouldn’t have been checking off) in Photoshop when i was batch processing the JPEGs for watermarking.

With the watermarking “issue” solved, i have started to watermark again.

I have started to watermark my photos again because i have already (in the last 2 months) come across 5 instances in which a photo of mine was being used without my permission or credit given to me.

I know that this will not prevent the determined thief from stealing my photo and using it, but it is the best deterrent i have at the moment.  And yes, a watermark can be removed; though, it is quite difficult and probably not worth it in the end.

In advance, i will apologize to anyone who thinks my watermark in the middle of my photos is annoying in any way.

Alt Text & Centering Photos:

As i mentioned in a previous post, i have started to use the Alt Text field more and more.  Slowly but surely, i am going through my posts and filling in that field with relevant text.

Lastly, i am also making an effort to center my photos within my posts.  I feel that a photo in the center of a post, is far more visually friendly then one off to the right or left.

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Quack The Duck

Negative 28 degrees Celsius with the wind chill factor and i am still thinking of the summer.

If you go down do the Old Port during the summer, you are going to see quite a few ducks.  I do believe that they nest in and around the old port in the spring time.



This duck was enjoying the summer sun.  At the same time, it had a little clean.




It just goes to show you that you don’t always have to go far in order to capture a bit of wild life.

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Four Stack

I took a little walk in the neighborhood today and came across this church.

These days, when i go out, i always carry my X10 with me.  It fits perfectly into my jacket pocket.  Along with the camera, i carry a spare battery as well.

Since i did not want to have ugly telegraph poles in my photo, i stood on the sidewalk to take the photo.  But, despite the X10 having a wide angle lens, i could not get the whole front of the church in the shot.  What to do??

Well, the solution to that, is to take a vertical panorama.  I did this by taking 4 exposures, each overlapping about 30%.  A good overlap is advisable in order for the software to stitch your photos together nicely.


When i stitched the photos together in Photoshop Elements, the software asked me if i wanted it to “fill” the edges.  When it asks you to do this, say no if your edges have detail in them.

If you do have detail in your edges, like you see on the left and right edges of the photo below, the software is not “smart” enough to make that “fill” nice and smooth/uniform.  If it’s just clear sky in the background, you won’t have a problem.


This vertical panorama took me under a minute…  well, it took the software and my new laptop under a minute to stitch together.  This is how my workflow has become so much easier.

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