Printing & Framing

As the old saying goes, “it’s not a photograph until it’s printed“.  Though many people subscribe to this philosophy, it is not necessarily true if you examine the true meaning of the word photograph.

The word photograph is derived from two Greek words, phos and graphe.

Phos is Greek for light and graphe is Greek for drawing or writing.  Combine the two together and you get the word photograph.  Now that we are in the digital age, we do our “light writing” on CMOS or CCD sensors.  The few people that want to stay “pure” or have lot’s of time on their hands, still do their “light writing” on film.

With all that being said, the old saying of, “it’s not a photograph until it’s printed“, does not hold much water, since once you press that shutter button, you already have a photograph.


But i digress.  I’m not going to get into the big debate of what a “real” photograph is; that is, printed vs on-screen.  Which ever on you decide on,  let it work for you.

For me personally, it is a bit of both.  If you are going to be passionate about photography and taking photos, why hide your passion from the eyes of the world, on a hard-drive?  Not sharing your talent or passion for something, is selfish.  That is the reason why i started my blog: so that i can share my “gift” with everyone else.

Now that i have been sharing my photos with the big wide world (44,000 people from every continent on the planet according to my 2014 statistics), i am thinking about another way to share my photos: making prints.

Don’t get me wrong, i am not going to start investing in professional printing equipment.  That is why there is online printing services, from professional printing companies.

I have already made some 8 x 11 prints of some of my aircraft photos, that i have had hung up the wall for some time now.  I did those on my little HP ink-jet printer, which eats through ink when you are printing photos of any size.

Selling my first photo; however, prompted me to think about printing in a more serious manner.  Again, as i said before, i am not going go sink tons of money into a “pro” printer, truck loads of ink and all kinds of specialty photo paper.  Rather, i am becoming more inclined to print the photos that i either sell or think that are worthy of hanging on the wall.

In the last couple of years, i have brought my photos out of hiding from my hard drive to my blog and now, i will be bringing them to “life” by printing them out – not all of them of course.

With my very first photo sold, i thought it was only appropriate to have it printed out, framed and hung on the wall.

I had the photo printed out to 16 x 24.  It did come out a bit soft, but that had nothing to do with the printer.  It had more to do with it only being a 72dpi JPEG and the fact that i may have had it printed out slightly to big.

I was able to find an old frame that was not being used, so i mounted the photo in that frame.

The process of having this photo printed out, has made me far more knowledgeable about printing and what format (JPEG, TIFF, etc.) i should use for my photos to get the best results – TIFF is the preferred file format for printing by the way.

A photograph does not have to be printed out to be considered a “photograph”.  It’s already a photograph once you have depressed the shutter button. On the other hand, don’t hide your photos from other peoples eyes.

Thanks for looking.

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3 thoughts on “Printing & Framing

  1. Anonymous

    Your Father use’d to print his own photo’s but what a hassle it was, anyway things have come along way. I still think you should teach you are very eloquent.


  2. Ahh the digital age…it’s amazing how often my wife tells me that I should print and frame a particular photo that she likes; I nod and agree, then never get around to it 😦


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