My Photos Being Used Without Permission


As mentioned in a previous post, here is the wall of shame.  This space will be reserved for those people who think it’s “okay” to steal photographs from my website.

In some instances, the matter is resolved quite amicably and you will see a few cases of this.

I have found that in the cases where the issue is resolved diplomatically, it only took a few emails and my photo was either taken down or i was given credit for it on the site.

If you want to dispute anything i put here (i don’t see many people being able to), you are free to use the “Contact Me” form at the bottom of the post.

First case:

The first case has to do with the following photo i took of the doors at the front of the Edifice Ernest-Cormier: (

For whatever reason, i did a Google search on it one day and found it residing here (  It is the 19th photo down on this persons post.

I carefully inspected the photo and there is no doubt, this is my photo from my website.  At the time i first found it, the Exif data was still intact and it matched up perfectly with the original (mine).

I sent a message to the person about it, but i have never heard back from them.

This does not seem to be the first instance that this person has stolen photos from another website.  If you look at the statue of the person holding the Pug, those photos seem to be from another website as well.

Question for Tamara:  have you ever been to Montreal?

So, would the author of ( like to step forward and explain themselves?  If you do, use the “contact me” form below.

Second case: 

This second case actually ended quite well; therefore, i am not going to mention anyone’s name.

It all started out a few days ago, when someone dropped by my blog to ask me to use one of my photos.  Funny enough, it was a photo from the same group of photos in which one of my other photos (First Case) was stolen.

After some back & forth with the “client”, i decided to Google search the photo that they were asking to use.  Surprise, surprise!  It was being used on a website down in Tennessee of all places.

Here is the photo that was being used without permission:


Here is my photo as it appeared on the website down in Tennessee:


It’s not very hard to see that it’s the same photo.

I searched the website for contact information of someone who worked at this company and while searching for that information, i was brought to the bottom of the website where i saw the name of the webdesign company who put together this company’s site.  Here is the company: (

Therefore, i thought it best to contact the webdesign company first, since the people who work for the company probably would not be able to do anything.

I sent off an email to the webdesign company through their “contact us” form.  I was very polite and diplomatic about the matter and asked them to contact me to discuss how we can solve the issue.

A day goes by and i don’t hear anything back.  I even try to call them, but get nothing but voice mail.

I send a second email to them the next day and finally hear back from them.  This is the email i get back:

Mr. Xxxxxx,

The file in question was removed from the website, public server & our internal drives yesterday around 2pm CST. Our records indicate it was originally obtained through a “royalty free stock photography” website but unfortunately they do not list which one. I would suggest doing a Google search for your image to find the original infringing website and have it removed. 

We are sorry for the mixup but you can rest assured the situation has been resolved. 
Thank you,
So, in the end, the situation ended well and they took my photo off of the website.

However, the only matter that still linger’s in my mind, is the fact that they told ME to Google my photo in order to find the “offending” website that supplied the photo to them.  Why would i go looking for the site when they obviously know what website it is?Anyhow, i’m not going to loose sleep over it.  The matter was dealt with and that is what matters to me.

Third case:

I have come to the conclusion that i am going to find one of my photos being used without permission at least once a week.What i have started to do now, is look at the photos people have clicked on and then do a Google search for said photo.  I did this last week and once again, i have found someone using my photo without permission or giving me credit.Here is my photo that i found being used without my permission or credit on


The URL is: (

Here is the link to the original file: (  Funny enough, if you right click on my photo that appears on the sodahead website and click on “copy image URL”, it will actually take you straight to my website.

The user who posted my photo on the website does not outright say that the photo is his or that he took it, but he is still using it without my permission and gives no credit to me.

Here is his user profile: (

So, Mr. Sean, would you care to explain why you are stealing photos off of other peoples websites?  If you wanted to use it for non-commercial purposes, you could have simply asked me and given me credit.

Use the contact me form below if you would like to clear up this matter.

©, All Rights Reserved

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