Selling My First Photograph

In the last couple of years, i have had a few people stop by my blog to ask me if they could use one of my photos and i have been more then happy to negotiate an arrangement.  The important part here is, that they actually asked to use the photo.  I have no issues with that.

At times, i have taken the opportunity to search for my photos online.  You can simply do this by right clicking on a photo and selecting, “Search Google for this image”.   Unfortunately, i have found my photos being used by other people, without giving me any credit.  This is very disrespectful, but i cannot do much about it.

Therefore, after having people politely ask me to use my photos and having some rudely steal them, my 2015 was made when someone asked me to actually purchase one of my photos.  I certainly did not hesitate to say, “YES”.

It began over a week ago, with a simple comment on my blog.

I could not really believe what i was reading, but as i got into exchanging emails with the client, it all started to become more real.

To stay “professional”, i will not be revealing who the client is or how much was paid for the photograph.  Though, i can say that the client is in northern Canada and the photo will be used in some local publications.

In the end, the transaction went smoothly and i kept the rights to my photo; therefore, i am able to sell it again if the opportunity arises.

Below is the photograph that i sold:


It was a good experience all around and a very welcome moment to begin the year with.

I’m not sure if this is the beginning of something, but it has motivated me to think about the possibilities of making some extra money by making my blog and photos stand out more in the world wide web.

Thanks for looking.

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