Tamiya Jordan 191, Part III

Over the Christmas break, i have been able to make some good progress on the Jordan.  Though, the decals have been giving me fits.

For a certain part of the car, i have had to resort to painting on the color rather then using the decal.  When i applied the decal, it became hard to re-position and it cracked.  That was that.


It became to far gone to salvage, so i took the whole decal off and painted the area instead.  The blue does not quite match up to the blue of the decal, but it is on a part of the model that is not very visible.

Decal softener would have helped, but i had run out.  I will have to make a trip to the hobby shop sometime.


I have started to work on the engine and a few other parts that go under the cowling, but nothing really to show yet.

So far, i am pleased with the results.  Yes, the decals have been somewhat disappointing (some came off the paper already cracked), but i have been able to manage so far.  At times, you just have to adapt and improvise.

With another week in my Christmas holiday to go, i hope to have the cockpit and chassis put together and the engine in place as well.

Photos taken with the X10.

Thanks for looking.

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