Coming Together

It has been a while since i posted the first progress report on my Jordan 191.  Since then, i have been able to take a few hours out of the day during the weekend to work on it a bit.

I have been somewhat slowed down by cutting out the decals.  I like to trim off the excess decal “film” around the edges of the decals so that it looks more like part of the paint job.


There really is no rush to complete this car, but i do want to be able to be consistent in it’s building.  I am thinking through every step before i move forward so that i can forsee any hurdles that i may encounter.  “Dry fitting” parts and even decals, is a good way to go.


The first yellow decal that you can see on the inside of the wheel, was somewhat of a challenge to place just so.  This set of decals seems to be a bit thin and some have already cracked when placing them on the model.  However, i was able to hide the crack as best i could by overlapping the pieces a little.


I am hoping to take a few hours this weekend to continue the build and make more progress.

Photos taken with the X10 at f/4.0 and ISO 400.

Thanks for looking.

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